The unhealthful truth about caffeine in coffee: Is one cup too much?

caffeine in coffee, cholesterol, blood pressure, pancreas, toxic

Is the caffeine in coffee hazardous to our health? I would say it is not the only health concern when drinking it. Depending upon the source, ‘caffeine’ can either hurt your arteries or improve endothelial function (interior lining of arteries.)

All I know is when I stopped drinking coffee, ‘it felt’ as though my cardiovascular system immediately started to ‘unclog’ itself. I could not only breathe better, but I felt my chances of a heart attack went down and once I started eating plant-based whole food, my natural energy level began rising.

There are ingredients in coffee that their effects are unknown. Hundreds if not thousands of other substances are in coffee other than caffeine. So, does this mean coffee is bad for you?

I used to look forward to my first cup of coffee every morning. What I didn’t like was drinking coffee made my heart ‘skip a beat’. This was throughout the day. I felt as though it was a warning or prelude to an actual ‘heart attack’! Something that powerful that made my heart skip a beat, ‘got my attention.’ Listen to your body.

Coffee made me feel very ‘anxious’ giving me a feeling of ‘impending doom’. I felt it was wearing out my pancreas (it makes insulin,) bladder and kidneys. I felt it drove my blood sugar to new highs and lows. It made me ‘hungry and tired’ at the same time while I believe it caused me to become ‘constipated and dehydrated.’ I also craved salt and salty snacks. And, I drank only two cups of it a day…

Now, they say coffee has some health benefits and that drinking green tea may be better for you. I don’t agree that stimulating your body is healthy. I would stick to ‘filtered water’ as my ‘staple’ drink.

There are consequences in ‘forcing our body’ to perform when it is tired. Better to use our natural energy. But, what if you feel ‘sluggish and tired’ all the time? You can’t force a ‘tired horse’ to run!

Then, it’s time to look at how we are living our lives. Obviously, if you smoke or drink alcohol everyday, you need to quit these. If you are using other drugs (stimulants,) you need to stop doing that also.

If you use medications or pharmaceuticals, these usually only stop the symptoms and never cure the ailment, condition or disease. There is an ‘underlying’ cause which must be discovered before it is too late. And, finally, everyone at the very least must have the ‘sneaking suspicion’ fast foods like pizzas, hamburgers and French fries are not ‘health food’!

Changing how one eats can miraculously cure. It has been proven a whole food plant-based diet is the most nutritious and health promoting way to eat.

What I don’t miss are coffee’s side effects. Now, I actually can say without any doubt I do feel much better without drinking it. One full month of ‘withdrawals’ taught me how ‘underrated’ this highly addictive drug actually is. We don’t need to be ‘caffeinated’ to live a vibrant happy life. Let’s all think for ourselves and ‘not follow the crowd’ straight to the coffee-house!

You don’t ride for free with caffeine. It’s in many drinks besides coffee and tea. There will be future consequences we will all have to pay ‘someday’. And, again, not everything that makes you ‘feel good, gives you temporary (phony) energy or tastes good’ is necessarily good for you.

Note- Contact your doctor before you change your diet. Read ‘everything’ about coffee you ever wanted to know, here.

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