Best foods to eat: A ‘must know’ for every beginner vegetarian

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What are the best foods to eat? It depends upon how you define ‘best’. In my opinion, the best foods for you are the ‘healthiest’. Foods we were all brought up on that taste good are not necessarily best for us. It’s our culture. Some call this the ‘standard American diet’. It’s mostly processed and refined food full of grease, salt and sugar.

We gain too much weight for a reason. It’s how we eat. For example, processed carbs in snack foods will put the pounds on us. We get sick and don’t have any energy when we don’t eat nutrient rich whole foods. We need to change our ways and eat real food to get healthier and lose weight. But, what is ‘real food’?

Real food is food in its natural state. It is the whole or complete food itself. I got healthier and lost weight at the same time eating plant based whole food. After a lifetime of eating denatured food, it can be a challenge eating only fruits and vegetables.

It may appear that there is not enough to eat. But, in time it grows on you and you actually do look forward to your meals. You discover there is ‘plenty’ on your new menu.

I have always loved potatoes and green salads. So, for me it wasn’t that difficult changing my diet because I always liked whole unadulterated fruits and vegetables. But, it is more a lifestyle change than a diet, because this way of eating is unique.

This is because it brings unique results in health, provides more energy and permanent weight loss. As long as you eat plant based food, you won’t gain the weight back. There is an exception: you have to limit ‘fatty’ whole foods like avocados, olives, nuts and seeds. As with refined carb foods, these will also make you gain weight.

In this world of temptation, it is hard to find support for a healthy diet. As soon as you turn on your TV, you are flooded with all the wrong foods to eat; like hamburgers and greasy fries, etc..

You turn the channel and there’s a pizza staring you in the face. And, if you don’t have support at home for your new way of eating, the odds will surely be against changing the way you eat.

The only thing you can do about it is to muster more ‘willpower’ and set a good example everyone can see. They will notice you getting healthier, losing weight and having more energy eating your brand new way. How to Start Eating Healthy?

Yet, you will try to stick with it and probably succumb to the temptation of junk food. It is addicting, so you have to be careful or you will be back to eating the wrong way. All you can do is keep trying and eventually, in the end you will prevail.

You will be motivated by how good you look because you are ‘trimming’ down, excited by how great you feel, and know that it really does make a difference that you eat plant based whole food. Begin by downloading your new shopping list with the best foods to eat.

Note- always check with your doctor before you change your diet.




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