Real food: Why a plant based diet makes you lose weight

What is real food? To compare, you could ask; what is a real person? He (or she) is someone who doesn’t try to be like someone else. As for food, it is food ‘unaltered’ by man.

This means what real food isn’t is processed or refined food. Something ‘genuine’ is never ‘phony’. Foods that have been ‘adulterated’ aren’t real food. Plant based whole food, in my opinion, is ‘real food’ that nourishes.

So, let’s keep it real! OK? We don’t want to be a bunch of phonies, do we? Of course not, or you wouldn’t be reading this. We want to live happily, healthily and be trim and fit! You can only do this through a diet of whole food.

If you don't eat healthy food, you surely won't be happy if you are unhealthy. And, I don't know any woman who doesn't aspire to either stay trim and fit or become that way.

Honestly, being a guy, I care more about being healthy, having more energy and feeling good rather than ‘looking good’. But, if you eat right, there is no worrying about ‘how good or bad you look’ all the time. You will simply have that ‘attractive healthy glow’ about you.

The healthy food takes care of everything! You get healthy and stay that way, you lose the weight and don’t gain it back, and you start feeling better and better.

Just to be certain, I experimented along the way. For example, I stopped eating processed and refined foods, then I began feeling better. But, I wasn’t sure how each one affected me. Then, I ate each separately to reaffirm I had made the right decision kicking it out of my life for good.

For example, I stopped consuming dairy in all its forms: Then, sometime later, I tried milk once more, cream, cheese, and sour cream. It soon affected me the way it always did.

It caused mucus almost immediately. It made my nose run and I coughed mucus up. They also made me feel my arteries were being clogged up. I felt my heart working much harder!

Furthermore, dairy made it harder for me to breathe at night. Therefore, I learned through repeated exposure that ‘dairy’ in any form would have to definitely be taken out of my diet for good! I now know to not eat it ever again, because it damages my health.

I also learned I don’t need to eat any form of meat (beef, chicken, fish, etc.) Meat never makes me feel better, gives me more strength nor gives me abundant energy. Now, I eat pinto beans, instead.

This is actually all the protein anyone on earth could ever require. Of course, fruits and vegetables all have varying amounts of protein, too. But, they have considerably less than beans.


  • 1 cup of pinto beans has about 12 grams
  • 3 oz. of steak has almost 19 grams
  • 1 cup of broccoli has nearly 3 grams

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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