The low carb lunch: A model for leaving the table hungry

I eat a ‘low carb lunch’ every day. And, I have learned that if you eat this way, you will lose weight. I lost almost fifty pounds, with additional health benefits.

You too will also likely lose unhealthy weight, regain your health, become more energetic and live longer than you would otherwise eating like most of us Americans do.

What do we Americans eat? We consume mostly processed and refined foods. Can’t stay healthy long eating that. For example, who doesn’t like eating hamburgers and fries?

Honestly, if I didn’t develop health problems caused by eating this way, there would be no reason to stop! But, now I know better because of painful lessons and don’t want a repeat…

Pizzas, burgers, fries, ice cream, pies, cakes, cookies and all that kind of stuff no doubt, tastes good. No one can argue with that. They are very tasty (and addicting)! Because, who do you know who doesn’t like eating the ‘wrong foods’!

My own 'daily' low carb lunch example is: a large green salad, brown rice and beans (and, don't forget the salsa)! Easy simple eating brings benefits!

But, the problem is that eating processed and refined foods doesn’t bring health and vitality. So, you must be mindful that just because something tastes good, it might not always be good for you.

If you have been brought up in your culture to eat fast food or go out to restaurants a lot, how would you know the food you eat was directly related to your health?

You wouldn’t, until you started feeling poorly and protract an ailment, condition or disease. It’s not fun going to the doctor (especially getting an operation in the hospital.)

We want to avoid this, if possible. I believe we can through ‘prevention’. In other words, when there is something ‘causing’ our ill-health, we need to stop doing it.

Eating enough ‘denatured food’ can cause weight gain and health problems. Read my story, here. You will lessen your chances of losing your health if you begin right now eating plant-based whole food.

There have been many studies proving it is healthier eating this way. Your job is to find ‘tasty plant based whole food menu ideas’ so you will stick with it. Here’s a few suggested recipes I use to prepare my own meals.

The right day is now. ‘Quit’ eating all those ‘unhealthy snacks’ by clearing out your cupboards!

Note- be sure to consult your doctor before changing your diet.

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