Quick weight loss: Why you never need a ‘fad diet’

quick weight loss, nutrition, vegetarian, health

Quick weight loss can be dangerous to your health. Natural weight loss, is best. You know, all those fad diets you see on the internet and TV? They talk a good story.

But, personally, I wouldn’t trust them. I found through my own experience it’s better to lose weight slower over time than lose extreme weight quickly.

I lost almost fifty pounds, but it took me a full year to do so (you could lose even more than I did quicker: for example, like they say- 17 lbs. in 21 days? Maybe…)

Along the way, I began feeling much better, had more energy and my blood pressure dropped way down. The secret was when I began eating plant based whole food.

Yet, there were a few snags along the way, but in the end, I succeeded. My problem was in craving refined carbohydrates like crackers, candy, chips and cookies, etc. It was because I wasn’t eating enough fruit. I needed more calories.

You have to begin thinking that when you crave sweets like candy, soft drinks or refined carbs like chips and crackers, that you eat fruits for energy, instead.

It’s almost as simple as that. But, you can’t have any of those junk food temptations hanging around the kitchen. You need to clear your cupboards out!

When you eat a plant based diet, you can eat all you want. There is no portion control. You don’t want to starve when you don’t have to.

There are a few rules though, so you need to avoid eating processed foods, refined grains and oils. It will take some willpower and you have to train your mind to stay focused on what to eat and not.

Weight loss isn’t the only thing we need to do in order to become healthier. It’s the food we eat. It can either make us healthier or make us sick putting us straight in the hospital emergency room over time.

I discovered we are very similar genetically to the great apes, like the chimpanzee. So, I became curious about what it was they ate. I found out the common everyday chimp is mostly a herbivore.

But, it seeks out fruit first (frugivore) because that’s its favorite food to eat. It is also omnivorous, at those times fruit is not in abundance. It also eats things like insects, meat, seeds, blossoms, leaves and the like.

So, why be vegetarian? Genetically speaking, we are made that way. We don’t have sharp fangs and we don’t have claws.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.


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