Perfect health diet: You eat all you want

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In my opinion, the perfect health diet is how we used to eat thousands of years ago. Genetically speaking, we are almost exactly like the great apes. The diet we were made to eat promotes healthy weight loss, provides maximum natural energy, brings better health and longer life.

If you look at what chimpanzees eat, you will know we weren’t born to eat pizza and drink soft drinks. If you were to feed them that, they would perish. In other words, apes don’t do good consuming refined fats like olive oil. Saturated or not, they sicken and soon die.

What do primates eat? Mainly fruit and plant based food. For optimum health, we must do the same. We should mimic them to receive similar health benefits.

But, many things we eat are habit forming. For example, it has been proven wheat and dairy are both highly addictive. But, how do we break this cycle of eating when the food tastes so good?

You have to keep foremost in mind that how food tastes does not necessarily make it good for your health. We have settled into a routine way of eating. It may be traditional and cultural like meals over the holidays. What food we were raised on eating is all we may know.

And, if you continue to have this food surrounding you, you will be hard pressed to stop eating it. We are bombarded with commercials about hamburgers and pizza. What is one to do about stopping eating those foods which bring harm to our health?

Honestly, being exposed to these constant unhealthy food temptations sabotages our willpower. For example, when family comes over, they bring some of their food with them and eat it in front of you.

They may be siblings or friends and not into vegetarian eating. Yet, you can’t preach because they may not listen. You can only grit your teeth and bite your tongue, but at the same time try to set a good example. And, if they offer you some of their food, it might be better to suck it up and indulge yourself rather than be rude and say no.

You will be tempted to eat the old way living amongst those who do not support your new diet. Furthermore, plant based whole food is a lifestyle more than it is a diet. Diets don’t last.

The best answer to solve this unhealthy eating dilemma is that you have to do the best you can to try to stick to it. If you do fall off the wagon, you dust yourself off and get back on and try again. That’s all one can do about it.

Then, you will see weight loss, start feeling better, get healthier and live longer not eating junk food, added oils and animal products. We want to prevent ailments, conditions, a future heart attack, stroke and diseases like cancer, arthritis and diabetes.

Diet does much to make us feel our best and live the longest. Our taste buds change when eating plant based food. You spice it up the way you like to make it delicious. Then, you eat all you want of it. There is no portion control whatsoever. My story, here.

Note- contact your doctor before you change your diet.

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