How to get rid of belly fat forever!

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Want to know the secret about ‘how to get rid of belly fat’? It was my problem until I changed what foods I ate. If you love things made with grain like cookies, crackers and chips, this could be your weight gain problem like it was mine.

I loved eating all that salty, sugary and oily snack and junk food! The get around is that you need to find new recipes and not keep wrong foods in the cupboard. My weight loss got stuck until I cut out the refined carbs. Then, I got back on tract again losing weight!

I found out how to lose weight, but also about how to get healthier. Skinny people are not necessarily healthy. The trick is in avoiding certain foods and adopting a plant based whole food diet.

Have you ever seen a fat chimpanzee? They don’t exist. They are a lot stronger than a human, too. Try at least two times stronger. I have heard they are even stronger than that.

You don't see a beer belly on them. They don't drink beer and eat chips?

What do they eat that makes them so strong? Fruit is their natural food of choice. Warning: don’t mess with the apes! They are incredibly strong and fast, easily overpowering any human at will if they decide to be aggressive toward you.

You might think certain diets like low fat work. More often they don’t. Why? Because if something is low fat, it might be made with refined flour and sugar. In abundance and collectively, these will both cause weight gain.

Grain ground up into small particles increases the surface area of the product and can make you put on the pounds. Ever try to eat just one chip or cookie? I can't! Bye bye whole bag or box!

The fat in our diets is also a big problem. The starchy and the sweet are turned into glucose for our muscles to use as energy. Insulin is a hormone made by our pancreas. The fat in animal products and refined oils inhibit insulin’s ability to do what it’s supposed to do.

If you eat less fat, this will reduce body fat. Furthermore, the less body fat you have, the more it enables insulin to move glucose in our body cells to be burned up. If cells can’t obtain energy from glucose, it will be stored in the body as fat.

If you flood your body with refined carbs (acts like sugar) eating too many cookies and crackers, etc. at one time, your body turns it into stored fat.

Avoid these like the plague…

  • Anything made with flour (cookies, crackers, tortillas, bread, pastries, etc.)
  • No sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup (in many snacks and soft drinks)
  • Forget animal products (dairy, meat, eggs, etc.)
  • Goodbye, refined oil like olive oil and corn oil, etc.
  • Sorry, no alcohol like beer, wine and spirits

Eat more…

  • Beans and/or lentils (about one cup)
  • Fruit (all you want)
  • Vegetables (all you can eat green salads and steamed vegetables)
  • Take B12 (especially, if you are over 50)

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.






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