Healthy soup recipes you will love

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I have always loved soup. But, I didn’t favor healthy soup recipes. Not salty enough. The saltier it was the better. Soup is salty enough, but I can’t believe I used to add even more to it with the shaker.

But, now I watch the salt I eat. My salty days are over. I don’t add salt to my meals or use sauces because they can have a lot more sodium than you might think. For example, soy sauce or teriyaki is simply out of the question these days.

I was getting so much salt in my system it inflamed my left thumb and knee. I wondered why my mouth tasted so salty all the time. And yes, salt causes inflammation. Meat does, too. Oil also causes it. Grains like wheat do, too. It’s as if there is nothing left to eat, once you know the culprits of inflammation.

What may ail you might not show up until you are older. If you are in your teens or twenties you probably don’t worry at all about stuff like this. But, if you are much older and you feel a lot of aches and pains, you will probably want to find a solution.

Pills only mask symptoms and usually have side effects. I don’t use them because I know there is a natural remedy. It’s called plant based whole food. Yes, food is more powerful than even medicine. Pharmaceuticals can actually kill you.

You might want to take steps when you are young to avoid a future ailment, condition and disease by changing your diet, now. It’s easy to do and you can do this in simple steps. It takes practice and there are a few rules. What I eat now is totally different than in the past.

First of all, you try to eat as much raw organic produce as possible. But, it is important to focus upon calories. When you are eating plant based food, you might not be getting enough calories. But, you want to be careful eating too many high fat foods like avocados, nuts and seeds in making up the difference. Fruit is the answer. Lots of it during the day.

We are all used to eating hot soups, so cold soups may seem a little weird or off beat. But, they do taste good and may take some time to get used to. Heat does destroy nutrition in plant based food.

Therefore, if you want the healthiest soup possible with the most live nutrients, find recipes that don’t require you heating your soup much above room temperature. Until I add more cold soup recipes to this blog, you might want to check out my hot soup recipes, here.

Note- contact your doctor before you change your diet.

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