How to become a ‘vegan or vegetarian’ the right way

How to become a vegan is similar to becoming a vegetarian. Converting over to a whole food plant based diet from the traditional American diet would be much more of a challenge.

If what we want to do is lose weight, feel better, get healthier and live longer in the process, eating more fruits and vegetables will be your best solution. Yet, we don’t have to fit ourselves into a certain niche or mold in order to change our lifestyle. Doing so will limit our success.

Vegetarians and vegans use cooking oil, sugar, salt, eat potatoes, (vegetarians) may eat eggs and cheese, candy bars, French fries, pies, cakes, doughnuts, drink soda, eat processed foods, drink coffee and tea, use refined and whole grains, potatoes and alcohol. I no longer do any of these, including other foods.

It seems the biggest ‘beef’ for vegetarians and vegans in particular is abstaining from all animal products. If people would stop eating meat and using dairy products, the environment of dear old planet earth would heal itself. Less cruelty to animals and dramatically less green house gases, is a good thing.

Healthy diets are much more than not eating meat. Changing what we eat is not easy, as we are all addicted to snack and junk food. Most of us have eaten a certain way since birth. It may seem if we were to eat perfectly, there would be nothing left to eat. This has a little truth to it.

But, if we don’t want to have a future health calamity, a choice must eventually be made. Doing so will likely save our lives in the end. If you are young, you probably won’t worry too much about this. Most of us, including me wait until we have something go drastically wrong with our bodies or health.

The future arrives sooner than you think. It will knock on our doors when we least expect it. And, it might take shape in pains and aches, ailments, conditions or a disease. We want to prevent this from happening in the first place. And, we can by changing which foods we eat.

Meat eaters may appear healthier than some vegans and vegetarians. Yet, vegans and vegetarians all too often look overweight as well as very thin and sickly. Plant based whole food is more powerful than pharmaceuticals and medicine. Our bodies can heal itself if we provide superior nutrition.

You will see vegans and vegetarians holding a soft drink and bag of chips. Cigarettes also qualify as vegetarian. But, everyone knows about the damage it ultimately does. Tobacco causes more diseases than cancer. How I eat.


Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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