Fast weight loss: The healthiest way possible

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Is fast weight loss safe? Which diet is the safest and healthiest? An unproven fad diet can be potentially dangerous, possibly causing health complications.

I always caution you to check with your doctor before you change your diet. It’s a good idea to contact your physician to find out the best weight loss program that fits you [NIH 1]. There’s a lot of false claims and weight loss scams out there! Beware!

It took me about a year to lose almost fifty pounds. You could lose more than I did. But, my secret wasn’t starving on small portions. I ate all I wanted and still do. Plant based whole food will maintain your weight and your health.

There are books out there that will tell you how long such and such people live in other countries. But, the seventh day Adventists around the world and residing in Loma Linda, Ca. live long, too.

Their diet is basically a plant based diet like I eat. Remember, when mom said to eat your ‘fruits and vegetables’? Well, she was right, wasn’t she? You know she was.

Often, fast weight loss is not permanent weight loss. You have seen overweight vegetarians as well as skinny ones. Both usually hold a bag of chips and a soft drink in their hands. Although, sugary sodas and junky snack foods qualify as vegetarian, you know all that sugar, fat and salt just can’t be healthy.

Once we get all the junk out of our refrigerators and cupboards there is nothing bad left to eat at night when we get those ‘cravings’. I love chocolate as much as anyone else does, but I don’t eat it anymore. Yet, I know for sure I would ‘sneak’ some if it were in my kitchen. Wouldn’t you? Best not having that ‘temptation’ there in the first place?


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Note- before you change your diet contact your doctor.

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