The plant based whole foodist: Better health, weight loss and longer life

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What is a plant-based whole foodist? It’s what you might call ‘me’. I coined the term, as far as I can tell. I looked around on the internet and didn’t see anything like it. I have been trying to figure out for years exactly where I fit diet wise. If no one invented the term before me, you heard it first, right here. I am the creator and owner.

There is ‘vegan and vegetarian’, but how I eat doesn’t exactly fit with either of them. In other words, ‘vegans and vegetarians’ eat processed and refined foods, I don’t. They also may drink soft drinks and eat french fries, (which qualify as vegan or vegetarian foods) which I don’t partake of. I have heard of raw foodists, but I eat cooked foods, too. My diet is a balance between the raw and the cooked.

Along with a variety of fruits and vegetables, I make sure I eat starchy foods like potatoes, peas, brown rice, beans and yellow squash. But, I don’t eat bread, chips, cookies, crackers and the like. You could say I believe in ‘plant based whole foodism’! And, no, it’s not a cult (or, political party) and I am not the guru or president of it.

Exactly what might a plant-based whole foodist like me (and hopefully, you?) eat?

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables like steamed broccoli and green leafy salads
  • White potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes
  • Grains like brown rice and quinoa
  • Legumes like beans and lentils
  • Nuts and seeds
  • I make my own salad dressing

What I don’t eat?

  • Don’t eat grains like wheat, rye, oats and barley
  • Processed and refined foods like eating out and consuming anything made in a bottle, can, bag and package (example: no sugar, bread, tortillas, ketchup, beer and whiskey)
  • Refined oils like olive oil and vegetable oils

There are people in the world who are healthy until the day they pass on. Who are they? The Okinawan people are known to live 78 years for men and 86 years for women.

Seventh day Adventists of Loma Linda, Ca. tend to live four to ten years longer than the rest of us here in this state. For example, Dr. Ellsworth Wareham is currently 103! [1 wiki/Ellsworth Wareham]. Amazing! You might want to take some time to study this man’s lifestyle. Go to this interesting video: Dr. Ellsworth Wareham

But, who else lives to be 100? And, why? Where do they live? We want to be medication free and not disabled. We don’t want to have a debilitating stroke, deathly heart attack, contract cancer or become diabetic.

But, looking around the world, I have found it isn’t ‘just the food’ that makes one live longest. There are certain traits and conditions belonging to those people who are lucky enough to live to ninety and beyond in good health. Continued.


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Date Published December 17, 2017
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Note- before you change your diet contact your doctor.

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