Why can’t I lose weight? Do this and succeed…

Why can’t I lose weight? I used to ask myself this exact question not too long ago. It was like a roller coaster ride I was stuck on for decades. It was painful trying to lose weight, because I was starving myself. I was always hungry.

I didn’t know which foods I could eat to make me lose weight. I thought low calorie foods were the answer, and I wasn’t too far off. But, snack foods are so addicting, how would you ever muster up the willpower to stop eating them?

I felt hopeless, but was mainly very hungry. So, I kept eating what I wanted because I was always so hungry. I was at a loss. I knew there were ‘vegetarians,’ but I thought they must all be kind of ‘weird’.

There is another aspect to losing weight. When one loses weight, he gets another reward: better health. For example, when I lost weight, my blood pressure came down. I started feeling better, stronger and had more energy.

I finally figured out how to lose weight and eat all I wanted. It is high fiber and lower calories than most foods we currently eat. Much lower calories than pizza and ice cream and other junk and snack foods.

When you learn you have to give up certain foods, you have to find substitutes you like. When they say eat something that’s not good for you in ‘moderation,’ just know that no one can do it. Even eating a small amount of something bad for you can trigger an eating binge.

Plant based whole food has everything you need in it. But, refined and processed foods usually have too many calories. They are loaded with too much fat, sugar and salt. Why? It makes it taste good.

But, you can make healthy foods taste good, too. You just don’t use oil and limit sugar and salt. Furthermore, some of us have problems with eating wheat products [1 ncbi.nlm.nih.gov].


1 URL ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4760426/
Website Title Nutrition Bulletin / Bnf
Publication Month March
Publication Year2016
Article Title Do we need to worry about eating wheat?
Date Accessed January 22, 2018

Note- talk to your doctor before you change your diet.

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