Plant based whole food: The way to weight loss, better health and longer life

Plant based whole food: The way to weight loss, better health and longer life

You’ve likely heard confusing information about what ‘vegetarians and vegans’ are and may not know the true difference between the two. More importantly, some of their food choices are health destroyers. For example, a frosted doughnut qualifies as ‘vegan and vegetarian’. Doughnuts are deep-fried in ‘trans fat’. No good.

Did you know that trans fat raises bad (‘LDL’) cholesterol levels lowering good (‘HDL’) cholesterol levels? Eating trans fats increases risk of strokes and developing heart disease. Furthermore, this health endangering fat is associated with higher risk developing type 2 diabetes. As delicious as they are, we have to wonder if it’s worth eating that doughnut in the long run…

For lack of better terminology, I would call myself a ‘plant based whole foodist’. It just came to me one day. I know I made it up, but vegetarians may consume dairy and eggs. I don’t.

Vegans may drink soft drinks, eat french fries, potato chips and junk foods. Again, I don’t. I am tempted from time to time to indulge in all of these because they are so addicting and do taste great, but I most often don’t unless it’s the holidays.

I lost almost fifty pounds eating whole food and got healthier in the process. It’s easy to be tricked when it is implied ‘whole wheat’ is ‘whole grain’. Yes, it may be made out of the whole wheat kernel, but if it’s ground up into a flour, I call it ‘refined’. I eat few things refined or altered.

Beyond all that, I don’t think ‘wheat gluten’ agrees with me, and as with many other people who may be ‘gluten sensitive’, I no longer eat wheat. Refined wheat raises blood sugar too fast, can make you gain unwanted pounds and it’s gluten protein is addicting.

Eating too many refined and processed foods will definitely make one gain weight and cause ailments, conditions and disease. Avoiding refined oils like olive oil and other vegetable oils is a wise decision, as refined Oils damage the interior lining of your veins and arteries. No good over the years.

I don’t eat ground up millet, quinoa or brown rice and packaged cereals. I eat them whole, for the most part. But, sometimes I do use corn tortillas to make myself a ‘veggie soft taco’. Tortillas are whole grain, yet it still is refined or ground up like flour.

As a ‘plant-based whole foodist’, I limit or exclude almost all refined or processed food. But, I might use balsamic and apple cider vinegar, tahini, some soy sauce, and other man-made flavorings. These add flavor, and I use them all in ‘moderation’.

I am not looking for perfection in my diet, only lasting health supporting results. Eating the way I do, I don’t have to worry about my blood pressure going up and gaining weight. Furthermore, eating this way may help reduce an inevitable future heart attack, stroke, cancer and/or diabetes.

We need to eat ‘tasty’ food or we won’t stick with a healthy diet like this one. I consider eating this way more a lifestyle than a diet. When you eat plant-based whole food, everything seems to change around you. It starts inside. Your mind and emotions begin to work differently. I know I immediately began loving nature and animals, that much more.

To conclude, when you adopt a plant based whole food diet, you begin losing weight and feel better because as time goes on, you are actually gaining health. What more can one ask from the food he eats? Increasingly, there is more ‘proof’ eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables promotes weight loss and delivers better health [1].


Website Title The Permanente Journal
Publication Year 2013
Article Title Nutritional Update for Physicians: Plant-Based Diets
Date Accessed January 24, 2018

Note- contact your doctor before you change your diet.


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