How do I lose weight and get healthier?

How do I lose weight and get healthier? I found out how. The best way I know that is a ‘tried and true’ method is by eating all you want of the right foods. You see, I know this works for me.

I lost almost fifty pounds. You might think fast weight loss is better, but over time if you lose 1-2 pounds a week, this will likely insure your chances of keeping it off for good [1].

Eating like this will ‘probably’ work for you

What I am reasonably sure of, but not positive about, is if my way of eating is gonna work for you or not. If I were a betting man, I would say chances are in your favor. But, of course, I cannot guarantee something like that. You need to check with your doctor first, before you change your diet.

I lost weight because I reduced my daily caloric intake. That’s pretty much the secret underlying the whole thing. I eat a very nutritious low-calorie diet. Yet, it isn’t exactly as much of a diet as it is a mindset or lifestyle choice.

Once you eat the way I do, your weight loss is virtually guaranteed, while you almost immediately start feeling better and more energetic. That’s the fringe benefits you didn’t expect. And, when I reach one hundred years old, I can be proud to honestly tell you that you’ll live a lot longer, too.

You can’t eat the good with the bad (sorry, but the junk and snack foods have to go…)

What I began to realize soon into it was that I could eat as much brown rice, potatoes, millet, quinoa, beans, fruit, leafy green salads and other vegetables as I wanted to. But, I had to cease eating processed and refined foods, among other things like coffee and alcohol. Basically, plant based whole food is largely the secret key to weight loss and improved health.

What I also found out is that I got full and didn’t keep on eating like I would snacking on a bag of chips, half-gallon of my favorite ice cream, a large bowl of buttered and salted popcorn, box of cookies or sugary cereal with whole milk. I do miss them, but I don’t eat that way anymore.

Believe me when I say I’d eat the whole package, container or bowl all in one sitting. It was that good. But, I paid the price of weight gain and pain and suffering symptoms of gout, rheumatic arthritis, other mysterious aches and pains, and leaky gut starting the next day, lasting days, weeks, even months after my one wrong eating ‘binge’.

The momentary short-term ‘food addiction euphoria’ wasn’t worth the long-term pain and suffering. And yes, believe it or not, just one sitting eating wrong food can cause almost immediate and lasting consequences.

For best health, you could have to ‘test’ how you feel eating some grains

Yet, ‘plant based whole food’ is not addictive like junk and snack food. Real food is packed with fiber leaving you feeling full and satiated. But, you have to be sure to add enough of the ‘complex carb’ foods such as beans and rice, maybe a few ‘gluten free’ grains like quinoa and millet that don’t give you problems like wheat, barley, corn (yes, corn) and rye ‘may’.

Therefore, you might need to try a ‘elimination diet’ whereby you add those particular grains you might think may be causing you problems like leaky gut and then eliminate them and see how you feel, then reintroduce them again to make sure they are in fact, causing you problems.

We may though need grains and potatoes which supply ‘complex carbs’

Yet, I discovered I certainly didn’t ‘feel’ right without eating enough of ‘certain’ grains and potatoes. I always craved carbs and felt a deep hunger when they weren’t in my diet. Believe me, I tried to do without them all, but soon learned consuming ‘some’ of these were essential to my state of well-being, energy level and health in general.

I also found out quickly I couldn't survive well on fruit alone...

Furthermore, grains such as oats, when ‘steel cut’ could turn out to be your favorite. It has a texture and taste unlike instant and regular rolled oatmeal. But, ‘test’ to be sure whether or not it happens to be amongst those grains which might be a problem for you.


Website Title Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Article Title Healthy Weight
Date Published February 13, 2018
Date Accessed February 24, 2018

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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