Why a ‘low carb high fat’ diet fails and ‘high carb low fat’ wins every time

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There are so many diets, how would anyone know which one was healthiest? So, what about a ‘low carb high fat diet’? All tastes for food are acquired. But, you can change your taste buds gradually, even though culture dictates which foods we eat. For example, you can add less and less salt to your food so eventually, you won’t miss it.

Add more fruits and vegetables for a healthier diet [1 cdc.gov] and reduce or exclude meat. Did you know animal fat, animal protein and sugar raises your bad cholesterol? Furthermore, if you can keep your cholesterol under 140, your chances of having a heart attack decrease.

The key to a healthier diet is keeping overall fat and protein intake low while complex carbs high. When I use the term complex carbohydrates, I mean whole ‘intact’ grains like brown rice, tubers like potatoes and legumes like beans; not refined carbs like breads, crackers and chips, etc.

Your body will heal itself most of the time if you stop doing what is causing the problem. Did you know that fat has 9 calories per gram and carbs have only 4 calories per gram?

Therefore, for weight loss, do increase the good carbs. Try to eliminate processed foods that usually have added oil, also avoiding refined oils like olive oil and others you cook with and drizzle on a salad. These can make you pack on unwanted pounds and are not heart healthy.

A good diet is…

  • Low in fat
  • Low in ‘simple and refined carbs’ like candy, soda pop, breads, chips and crackers (whole fruit OK with 1 to 4 servings a day)
  • Low in salt and sugar (prepared food we buy at the store, restaurant and take out food is usually high in these, including fat)
  • High in ‘complex carbs’ like beans and potatoes (I personally, don’t eat grain anymore. I tell you why, with good reason, here.)
  • Daily omega 3 fatty acids (small handful of almost any nuts or seeds. These have healthy fats we need)

Our bodies break down simple carb foods quickly like sugar, honey, sweet syrups and refined grains like white flour in cookies. These can cause high spikes in blood sugar.

Complex carb foods like whole grains (quinoa and brown rice) and legumes (beans and lentils) have complex molecules more difficult to digest not causing fast increases in blood sugar.

Lose more weight eating whole ‘intact’ grains and legumes instead of high fat, simple carb, refined and processed foods. Remember, the human body handles candy, soda pop and hamburgers differently than it does sweet potatoes, beans and fruit!

This is why so many fail losing weight on a ‘low carb high fat diet’ and succeed eating a ‘high carb low fat diet’. Many diets don’t differentiate between simple, refined and complex carbohydrates.

For example, do you know how many calories (simple carbs like sugar and fats like dairy) are in your large morning coffee mocha drink? My wife used to drink this! Depending upon what you have added, (like whole milk, sugar and whipped cream) it could easily top 500 calories! [2 cdc.gov].


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Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.



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