The ‘secret’ to weight loss revealed: What to eat and not

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You might be wondering what the ‘common denominator’ is to lose weight. As far as I can see (from what has worked for me) is  calorie intake.

You have to burn up more calories than you take in. Exercise or physical activity helps. But, when you eat high calorie snacks that have a lot of fat and sugar, you probably will gain more weight rather than lose it.

You can also gain weight eating refined carbohydrate foods like corn chips, potato chips, wheat bread and white bread, or other unhealthy foods like doughnuts, pies, cakes and cookies.

What do you almost always see in the hand of someone who’s obese? Answer: It’s a huge soft drink. Lots of sugar. This is empty calories of which you want to be sure to avoid if you want to lose weight. So, the secret to weight loss lies within what you are eating.

‘Weight loss should be about 1 to 2 pounds per week for a period of 6 months, with the subsequent strategy based on the amount of weight lost [1]’.

Plant based whole food is naturally low in calories, high in fiber and nutrients with few exceptions. Be careful with the nuts, seeds, olives and avocados though because they are loaded with fat. Fat has more calories than carbs do.

Furthermore, be sure to make your own meals from real wholesome food. That way, you can be sure it has no additives, preservatives or added fats, sugar and salt.

And, while you are at it, why not take it one step further and buy organic. Then you can be assured that it wasn’t grown with hazardous chemical fertilizers or health threatening poison pesticide sprays and isn’t GMO (genetically modified organisms.)

Salads and such are naturally low-calorie, it’s just the salad dressings that can be the weight gain problem loaded with calories because of high fat content. These are tasty dressings we all crave like ranch dressing, blue cheese or Roquefort.

So, try to avoid the fatty dressings and drenching your salads with olive oil and favor balsamic vinegar, instead. Check out these salad dressing recipes, here for weight loss and better health.

The peanut and tahini aren’t necessarily low-calorie, but the balsamic one is to be sure. Nevertheless, you can limit how many tablespoons you measure of the peanut and tahini dressings, because they are packed with flavor. In other words, you don’t need much to make your salad a bit spicier.

Tip for Healthy Weight Loss

‘The combination of a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity is recommended, because it produces weight loss that also may result in decreases in abdominal fat and increases in cardiorespiratory fitness  [2]’.



Website Title National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
Article Title Key Recommendations
Date Accessed March 25, 2018

Website Title National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
Article Title Key Recommendations
Date Accessed March 25, 2018

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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