Snacks for healthy weight loss

healthy snacks, in between meals, nutritious, filling, vegetarian, low calorie

There isn’t anyone I know who doesn’t get hungry for a snack ‘every now and then’ between meals. But, we don’t want to be tempted by junk foods in our cupboards. The only way to deal with junk food is to get rid of it.

One rule to abide by is 'not to shop hungry'. Make sure you eat a full meal before you go. When hungry, our stomach will play tricks on our minds and we will buy that which we shouldn't.

But, you can’t starve yourself, either. You need healthy replacements for all the bad food. This is not a ‘starvation diet’. There are good snacks to eat like I do, such as…

I always have vegetable soup or chili and beans around I can heat up. You learn to be inventive when you get hungry. I eat the same old things, but never get bored because I eat what I love to eat. I never get tired of celery, potatoes and beans. Plant based whole food will never let you down nutritionally. More recipes, here.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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