The importance of Acid/Alkaline balance in diet

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Vibrant or poor health depends upon what foods we eat. You might have lost weight and feel somewhat better, but not have all the energy you need.

Somehow, you know you could be healthier, but don’t understand what the problem could be. It might be the acid/alkaline balance of the foods you eat.

You might suspect there is a ‘missing link’ to feeling healthier you are lacking. I have gone back and forth with foods I like through the years that I thought were healthy, but were not.

You can also fool yourself if you don’t pay close attention to the ingredients in food you prepare. You can also be tempted by eating wrong foods if you keep them in your cupboards and have those around you who don’t eat the same foods you do.

Personally, I like eating the more acid foods and this tends to cause me problems like acid reflux when I eat too much grain products like quinoa and flax spaghetti for dinner with Italian sauce or millet cereal with almond milk before bed.

This is why I chose my food as carefully as I can and ‘try’ to limit those I know than can cause to much acidity reaction in my stomach. Now, nothing’s going to be perfect, so you must listen to how your body feels when you eat something.

Nevertheless, I know certain foods are more acid than others and I try to consciously limit them. Below, is a list of foods I try to stick to as a guide.

Here’s what to eat so you don’t have to worry…

  • Beans and legumes with brown or basmati rice
  • Try quinoa and millet instead of oats and wheat cereals
  • Green leafy salads
  • Homemade soups
  • No oil salad dressings
  • Steamed vegetables like broccoli, squash and kale
  • Baked or no oil fried potatoes
  • Most fruits except avoid citrus
  • Avoid processed and refined foods like bread, eating out, frozen dinners, oils, snack and junk foods and animal products
  • Limit sugar and salt
  • Be careful with ‘store bought’ sauces and dips, as they can be oily, sugary and contain too much salt
  • My own recipes I use everyday



Approximate pH of Foods and Food Products






Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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