Your ‘Vegetarian’ guide to healthy weight loss

The research is there proving you can lose weight, get healthier and live longer eating a vegetarian based diet. It works for me. My weight loss story, here.

Yet, in the meantime, we can change our ways of eating if you are willing to adopt a new lifestyle. Eating more fruits and vegetables is recommended by our government. For example, the CDC recommends…

‘Adults who engage in <30 minutes of moderate physical activity daily should consume 1.5–2.0 cup equivalents of fruit and 2–3 cups of vegetables daily [] ‘.

No matter what the ‘fad diet’ people say on TV advertisements, it is healthier eating plant based whole food. You don’t need to buy prepared meals from them. You can make your own more nutritious breakfasts, lunches and dinners with a minimum of effort. Plant based recipes, here.

Weight loss is much simpler and easy when you focus on eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and beans. Your digestion will improve, you will become more regular and the pounds will disappear.

The main idea to get is to choose plant based whole foods. These are not processed or refined, but ‘intact’ like eating an apple, green salad, pinto beans and brown rice.

When one finally decides he must avoid all animal products and saturated, even un-saturated fats like vegetable oils he will most likely experience weight loss and improved health in no time.

I lost weight not by limiting the portions of food I ate, but by eating more of it. I eat until I am full. I don’t measure anything by the cup or give myself tiny portions.

You eat all you want on a diet like this and you will never go hungry. And, if you are hungry leaving the dinner table, you are doing something wrong. You are probably not eating enough!

  • Eat all the beans and rice you want
  • Steam vegetables like kale and broccoli
  • Remember to eat green leafy salads with ‘no oil’ dressings
  • Don’t forget organic berries like strawberries
  • Add cooked onions and mushrooms
  • Small amount of roasted unsalted seeds and nuts on your daily salads
  • Potatoes always fill you up
  • For your sweet tooth, make sure you eat fruits like apples and bananas, etc.
  • Your menu recipes, here.


Website Title Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Article Title Adults Meeting Fruit and Vegetable Intake Recommendations – United States, 2013
Date Published July 10, 2015
Date Accessed April 15, 2018

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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