How I lost 5 pounds a month (50 that year)

Welcome! Glad you decided to learn how I lost 5 pounds a month. It is my hope that when you change your diet to largely plant based whole food, you will lose the weight you want, get healthier and live longer.

Healthy weight loss is slow and sure. In other words, if you decide to eat a lower calorie diet, the weight loss will automatically be maintained at a healthy level and it won’t come back. It hasn’t for me and I eat all I want. But, I eat certain foods.

I weigh my old high school weight! Amazing! I am in better shape now than I was in my twenties! I even think clearer than I ever did. I went down from 205+ to a trim and healthy 158 simply by changing the type of foods I ate.

My routine…

  • Fruit and a fried potato (no oil) in the morning
  • Salads and beans and rice for lunch and dinner
  • Fruit for snacks
  • I drink a smoothie with different fruits, some seeds, kale and spinach
  • Make sure you get out into the sun everyday for vitamin D
  • Take a B12 if you are a vegetarian
  • Drink filtered water
  • Stay mentally and physically active
  • More on what I eat
  • Be sure to print this page first before you go or copy this link to come back or remember the page name ‘How I lost 5 pounds a month’ and type it in my site’s search

As a fringe benefit, you will likely begin feeling better and live longer than you otherwise would have eating the old unhealthy way. Do you know anyone who wants heart disease, have a stroke, cancer, diabetes or Alzheimer’s?

I lost almost fifty pounds in one year. My blood pressure reduced itself to 100/60. I believe this saved my life and prevented me from getting cancer, diabetes or a heart attack and stroke. I don’t have to see a doctor and don’t take any medications.

Throughout you will find out how I lost weight ‘totally for free’. I achieved my goal largely by eating lower calorie plant based whole food with a daily moderate physical activity level. I walked, did light aerobic exercise and worked out lightly with weights. Doing so greatly enhanced my mood, physical strength and endurance.

I tell you right here all in one place to save you time exactly those steps I took according to instructions. I discovered there I needed 2000 calories a day to lose weight and maintain it. My wife required somewhat less @ 1800. You will find out what you need there, too. Your nutritional requirements will be different.

The information you need to lose healthy weight is on their free informational website to keep you going on the right weight loss path. Check out below how I did it. It took time and patience.

But, be forewarned in that you will probably slip back to your old eating habits along the way. So, make sure you eat before you go to the grocery store and don’t buy any snacks or junk food to be tempted.

I, myself, backslid. My weakness was refined carbs like chips. It got me stuck at about 185 pounds for a while. Once I quit eating tortillas and crackers, the weight resumed coming off. We all have our favorite bad foods. It will take a little willpower and perseverance, but you can do it in time.

What I did to lose 5 pounds a month

  1. I went to ChooseMyPlate.Gov to calculate my BMI. That’s body mass index. Then, you click on the adult BMI calculator and fill out its questionnaire
  2. It will tell you if you are underweight, normal, overweight or obese
  3. Then, if you want a healthy weight, it will take you to a place where you can assess your weight and also find a healthy balance for calorie intake
  4. I followed their dietary recommendations and physical activity level suggested and lost approximately 5 pounds a month
  5. You may lose the same amount of weight each month, possibly even more. It just depends upon your unique metabolism, calorie intake from those foods you eat and daily physical activity level
  6. Everything you need is there on their site to assist you in nearly every way in healthy weight loss
  7. It takes a little work on our part, but we are investing in our healthy future

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet. Obesity is a medical condition requiring a physician’s care and supervision. Therefore, I can’t guarantee your weight loss, improved health and/or longer life. I can only reveal what worked for me through my own experience and trial and error.

All proceeds (donations) will be used to maintain this informational website keeping it free for everyone to benefit from. Thanks for your donation. It is greatly appreciated! Don’t forget to print this page for your records. Go now and get started on your weight loss journey! Visit ChooseMyPlate.Gov now!

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