How to Cook Pinto Beans Best

I eat pinto beans all the time. For me, this means every day. Beans, rice and potatoes are all very important when you have made the decision to go ‘Vegetarian’. This is where you get more protein, fiber and don’t still feel hungry after every meal! Beans fill you up!

I even put beans in my vegetable soup recipe! It adds ‘substance’ to it so I feel satiated. Beans are very versatile and good eating with any vegetable. And, if you don’t care for beans, you can substitute lentils. Personally, I do like lentils in soups, but prefer pinto beans as one of my staple foods I eat with basmati rice, regularly.

Cooking beans from scratch is much better than using canned. It doesn’t matter which kind of dry beans you cook, it’s all basically the same taking the same amount of preparation and cooking time. After you cook your own beans, you will never go back to canned. Why? You will actually begin to taste the metal can the beans are in. Really!

This is how to cook pinto beans…

  • Fill a ‘big pot’ with water
  • Rinse and sort your beans (sand and tiny pebbles, etc.) if your package says you need to do so
  • Pour in about two cups of pinto or white beans
  • Make sure your water covers them at least by two inches or more. You will be draining the beans and water through a colander in the sink, later
  • Bring to a boil
  • Let set for about an hour
  • Add more water if necessary, depending upon the size of pot you have
  • Then, bring to a boil again and turn down to a simmer for about 2-2 1/2 hours or until tender
  • Check the water level as it simmers, as beans tend to absorb a lot of water!
  • When done, rinse the beans in the sink in your colander
  • With a large spoon or ladle, use sandwich bags or plastic containers with lids to store measured portions in your freezer to thaw out later during the week
  • You will have to make beans each week depending upon how much you eat of them

Note- contact your doctor before you change your diet.

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