Millet: The unknown ‘gluten free’ grain

Millet the unknown gluten free grain

I’ll bet I forgot to tell you I eat millet before I go to bed. Grain by its own nature is acid. So, watch how you feel. You don’t want to get acid reflux, because it can wear away the
enamel on your teeth. If you do eat grain, make sure you eat it whole and not refined. It’s healthier.

I only eat brown and basmati rice, quinoa and millet whole as my choice main grains. But, I never over do it. For example, in the daytime for lunch I usually have a cup of each of rice and pinto beans with salsa on top.

For a late night treat, I often have about a cup of millet with either rice milk or almond milk with sugar. I don’t use too much sugar and I also use just enough liquid to saturate it in the bowl.

Grains aren’t very nutritious, as there are other choices much better. But, they are loaded with fiber leaving you feeling full. And, when morning comes, you will be regular.

Millet is kind of an unknown grain. It does have its own unusual sort of taste like every grain does. But, you get used to it. If a grain is different from wheat or corn, it takes some adapting to.

Like other grains, millet absorbs an awful lot  of water. So, be sure to overdo the water, because it will suck it up before you know it.

Here’s how I cook my millet…

  • I add 1 cup of millet in a large pot
  • Cooking it in a four quart pot is fine
  • It takes about a half an hour to cook it soft
  • Bring to a boil then reduce the heat to a simmer
  • Keep an eye on the water and add if necessary
  • Taste as you go for doneness
  • Rinse in a colander, but watch it because the grain is small and will go through the holes and down the drain
  • Freeze extra for other nights or mornings in sandwich bags or plastic containers
  • If you like your cereal at night, this should last you about a week until you have to cook more

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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