Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

healthy food, weight loss, vegetarian, fruit, whole food

Remember, your healthy foods to lose weight are really simple. They are not man-made foods, either. These are all the natural foods we were born to eat. And, you can make them all yourself in minutes.

You know, we’re not that much different genetically than the great apes. What do they eat? They thrive on fruits and vegetables, just like we do when we adopt a plant-based whole food diet.

Old habits die-hard, so it will take willpower to make a change. But, you have to see the sense in doing so.

First, you have to make the decision and decide. Weight loss is a good reason. Better health is a good reason. But, improved health usually goes hand in hand with losing weight.

What do I eat? (in a nutshell)

  • Berries and fried potato (no oil) for breakfast
  • Beans and rice with salsa and a large salad for lunch
  • Dinner is a steamed vegetable, (like broccoli) potato or more beans and rice
  • Snacks during the day are fruit
  • Bedtime rice (add berries) with rice milk and a little sugar
  • Don’t drink fruit juice, soft drinks, coffee or tea
  • Drink filtered water

I know I got healthier when I began losing weight. I lost fifty pounds. It took me a year because of falling back to bad food temptations like bread, chips, ice cream, tortillas, crackers, cookies, candy and basic snack and junk foods.

Grocery Shopping Tip: (to not be tempted to buy unhealthy junky food and snacks) Don't shop hungry, eat before you go!

Eventually, my blood pressure went down, I had more energy and began feeling a lot better. Don’t waste your time frustrating yourself hopping on the scale every day.

Eating this way is very low calorie. You don’t need to focus intensely on your weight loss. It will come off in time. Be patient.

Slower weight loss is permanent weight loss when you stick to eating a plant based whole food diet. Avoid oily, salty and sugary refined and processed food like the plague.

The evidence proves people who eat plant-based whole food are slimmer, healthier and live longer than those who eat animal products and foods rich in oil, salt and sugar.

Despite what they say, you don’t have to kill yourself exercising each day. Moderate activity is fine.

Note- before you change your diet contact your doctor.

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