How to make a Vegetarian Bean Burrito recipe that is Delicioso!

bean burrito, vegetarian, healthy, low calorie

This is one of my all time favorite Mexican food recipes. I absolutely love bean burritos, only now I don’t put meat in them.

Yes, meat is flavorful and tastes great, but you don’t need to eat it. Remember what I said earlier… ‘What tastes good isn’t necessarily good for you’? Yep. True. Why? Because…

Matter of fact, believe it or not, in my opinion meat is probably one of the worst things you can put into your body besides arsenic and lead. The protein in the beans is more than adequate if you are worried about your protein requirements.

Here’s how I do my Vegetarian Bean Burrito…

  • This isn’t genuine Mexican, but it’s close enough for me
  • I don’t use oil and never add lard and cheese to any of my vegetarian recipes
  • Add two cups of pinto beans in crock pot at about 8PM
  • Cover with water about two fingers over
  • Cook on high to get the heat up for about two hours
  • Turn down and cook overnight on low
  • Takes about 16 hours from start to finish, so that means they will be done about 12 noon, just in time for lunch!
  • At about 10AM the next day pour excess water out of crockpot in a colander
  • Pour it all back in crock pot
  • Add sliced or chopped onion
  • Add a couple teaspoons each of powdered garlic, red chili pepper seasoning and a small can of diced green Ortega chili (you can also add cumin if you like it)
  • Check your beans for tenderness before noon, because they could be ready before then
  • These beans don’t need to be mashed like refried because they should come out thick after you drain the water out. You don’t want burritos that come out runny
  • Have your medium burrito sized ‘brown rice’ tortillas ready
  • Heat each one up for about 15-30 seconds to make them pliable enough to fold without them splitting or breaking apart (I put about five in a tortilla warmer in the micro for about 1 1/2 minutes and heat them all up at once, then take one out lifting the lid as I need them)
  • Spread beans on each tortilla
  • Fold
  • Repeat
  • First, wrap each one in wax paper
  • Then, wrap in tin foil
  • Tear your sheets off in advance to save time
  • You don’t want tin foil to touch your food
  • You need to freeze these first before you keep a few in your refrigerator otherwise the tortilla won’t ‘bond’ to the beans and will crack apart when you reheat it in the micro. You will have to eat it with a fork. Not true though if you use regular or wheat tortillas
  • Freeze the rest in a larger plastic bag
  • Two cups of beans makes 8-10 good-sized burritos
  • Each one fresh out of refrigerator takes about 1 1/2 minutes to heat or from 2 to 2 1/2 minutes frozen
  • Use mild or hot taco sauce with every bite as you eat

If you don’t have things on the menu you look forward to eating, you will never stick with being a vegetarian and eating plant-based whole food like I do. So, if you love bean burritos that are healthiest for you, you just have to cook these on a regular basis.

I love food and love to eat. Eating this way, you don’t have skimpy portions and never leave the table hungry. Bean burritos will fill you up and leave you satisfied every time. It’s a winner. Remember, potatoes, rice and beans leave you satiated! Eat all you want of them and never gain a pound of unwanted weight!

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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