The Truth about Healthy Food and Drink

healthy food, vegetarian, nutrition, home cooking, no refined and processed food

I am going to try to tell you the truth about what healthy food and drink actually is. Firstly, what one eats is a very touchy subject. People don’t want to be told what they should or should not eat. Yet, whether we know it or not, most of us are addicted to the taste of food and we would have to have a darned good reason to stop eating at restaurants and driving up to the take out food windows. So, I will give you one. Our lives depend upon it.

When one decides to dig down deep into the food and learns it does matter what we eat, then the hard life changing decisions rise up. We find we have believed much misinformation, and even have been propagandized by advertising and the media about what food is healthy to eat and not. We need to un-brainwash ourselves with the truth about health in how it relates to the food we eat.

Why would one question his diet? You might if you always feel lousy, get sick a lot, can’t lose weight or have some life threatening disease. It is known that low calorie food can make us lose weight. It is also well known that foods can either cure us from disease, ailments and conditions or kill us dead.

Healthy food can taste good. But, our taste buds just like our minds need to relearn or adjust to what foods we should avoid and eat more of. Changing your food is basically a lifestyle change. It’s not easy, but when one discovers how powerful food actually is, he can begin using it to his advantage with a little willpower and perseverance.

Food can make us lose weight, feel better, get healthier and actually add years to our existence on this planet. It’s been proven through research that food can make you well again and increase lifespan.

Healthy food doesn’t need to taste like cardboard like it did decades ago. We can add spices and a little salt and sugar and make our meals taste great. There are those in this world who live longer than the rest of us and don’t have to go to the doctor. They are healthy and happy humans!

What do those who are healthy and live the longest eat? They primarily eat cooked and raw fruits and vegetables. We can copy them and reap the benefits! And, we can do this if we cook all our food from scratch. We need to rid our refrigerators and cupboards of all refined and processed food and replace it with real plant based whole food.

Note- before you change your diet contact your doctor.

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