Why Eating ‘Rice and Potatoes’ is Not as Healthy as You Thought

toxic food, arsenic, rice, cadmium, lead, eat nutritious food instead

When we know snack and junk food is not healthy for us, why would we ever eat it? If something has no value, why partake of it? Really, it makes no sense. But, we still do what we do thinking little if anything about it.

Have we been ‘brainwashed’ by all those food advertisements? It’s possible. If we are bombarded by the same commercials day and night, we get influenced. I know when I see a pizza or hamburger commercial, I still get hungry for it. My mouth waters like Pavlov’s dog. It’s almost like the wrong food has us ‘hypnotized’.

We can all agree that snack and junk food tastes good. It is also so addicting we can hardly resist. That’s how they make it. They do it on purpose so you will simply buy more. They are ‘in business’ to make money, not look after our health. That’s our job. Unfortunately, even food we think is healthy for us may have a few problems associated with it.

For example, millions eat rice. There is arsenic in it. Despite this knowledge, we overlook the bad in it because ‘everyone is eating it’. It keeps a lot of people alive, but at what ‘hidden’ future cost to our health? Does eating rice actually make one healthier than eating more nutrient rich food that has no arsenic in it?

Did you also know it has cadmium and lead, too? There is not as much arsenic in California rice, though. Nevertheless, it is still present and it goes into our bodies when we eat it. Potatoes are more nutritious than rice. You could switch to potatoes. But, you get acrylamide when you heat or cook potatoes and also solanine, which is a glycoalkaloid poison. So what is left to eat that replaces both of these when we love eating them so much? Good question.

‘Acrylamide is found in many foods like breads, potatoes, even coffee. Most acrylamide is created in the cooking process itself’ ~ your author

Another good question to ask ourselves is eating any rice or even potatoes in moderation a good thing if it has any bad stuff at all in it? To begin with, although brown rice has fiber, many other foods have a lot more nutrition. This goes for our beloved white potato, too.

‘If you have to eat rice, go for rice grown in California because it has less arsenic. Also, be sure to boil your rice with a lot of water and rinse after to get rid of a good amount of it. And as for eating your potatoes, make sure you cook them well. Buy organic, and especially don’t eat the green ones’ ~ your author

So far, it appears I do OK without potatoes and rice. But, I somehow have the underlying ‘hunch’ they both may mess with my blood sugar so that I get hungry and crave certain bad foods within an hour afterwards and later. I am not sure about this. It’s something I am not able to verify or prove without a doubt.

Yet, I am not certain I will stop eating both. More likely, I will keep doing what I have been doing, which is that I limit potatoes to one or two a day and one to two cups of rice. Some things you eat you may never give up no matter what you hear or learn to be true.

Yet, there are though better ‘nutrient dense’ choices in the vegetable kingdom. Yes, potatoes and rice sustain millions of people, but why not be sure you are getting the most bang for your nutrition buck?

People eat low nutrient foods like corn (and, rice) all the time. And, if you are gluten sensitive, you might want to stay clear of corn, wheat, barley, rye, oats and rice (even quinoa and teff, etc.)

All this can get very confusing, enough so, you might wonder what it is you can safely eat. I too wonder this all the time because there is always something new it seems I learn about certain whole foods that’s potentially bad for our health.

So, what do I eat?

  • I don’t eat processed and refined foods (like eating out or using olive oil)
  • You get used to it
  • I avoid grain products like bread, pasta, tortillas, cookies, chips, doughnuts, cakes and pies, etc.
  • I will continue eating potatoes and rice each day
  • I never eat any eggs, dairy or animal products like meat
  • I don’t eat snack and junk food because of ingredients present like trans fats, fructose, and excess salt
  • I never drink soft drinks because of HFCS
  • I eat basically a plant-based whole food diet
  • There’s plenty of food that tastes good, you can eat all you want and never go hungry
  • This means I eat fruits and vegetables cooked and not
  • In the morning I have some blackberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple and blueberries
  • We cut it up the night before
  • I sprinkle a few cashews, pistachio nuts and sunflower and pumpkin seeds on all my salads
  • It really adds to the salad and increases assimilation of nutrients
  • I eat beans for lunch and dinner
  • You wouldn’t exactly call me a ‘vegetarian or vegan’…
  • This is because soft drinks, chips and candy all qualify as such even though they are junk and snack foods
  • Don’t forget that even though something tastes good, it may not necessarily be good for us!
  • It isn’t always easy to eat healthy, but it can be done with knowledge of which foods are healthy and not, perseverance and willpower
  • Be sure to eat a good meal before you shop for groceries, so you will be less ‘tempted’ to buy the bad stuff!

Note- before you change your diet contact your doctor.

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