What is the Secret to Weight Loss, Better Health and Longer Life?

Can I tell you in a few hundred words, What is the Secret to Weight Loss, Better Health and Longer Life? Well, I’m gonna try. But, basically, in a single sentence I have learned, it is this: Avoid eating processed and refined food.

That’s it in a nutshell. It’s really all you need to know to lose weight, get well and stay well and live longer than most people (except, that we need to eat certain plant-based whole food.) So, we know what not to eat. What do we eat?

‘Now, this is only my opinion, because through my own trial and error and personal research I have found this works for me. It may or may not work for you. So, don’t go and try to cure yourself from diet alone. Talk to your doctor’ ~ your author

Processed foods have ingredients that can potentially harm your body. For example, preservatives and other additives. In plant-based whole food, there are none of these. But, you need to buy organic.

Nature made them with all the protein, carbs, fats and vitamins and minerals you need in the proper and exact amounts. Nature knows what it’s doing a lot more than man who alters his food.

Compared to nature, man’s not so smart as he may believe, for you cannot fool mother nature. She rules and wins out every single time.

When I eat bread, no matter what kind, I get hungry really soon. Something about it doesn’t make me feel quite right. But, the flour that makes the bread is refined.

Furthermore, what I just found out is that the gummy flour sticks to your teeth, the saliva turns starch to sugar and you can get cavities from eating bread products even though they haven’t added sugar.

‘To prevent chronic diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and obesity, Americans should eat less sugar, saturated fat, and sodium (from salt) [1 nhlbi.nih.gov/news/2016/new-dietary-guidelines-urge-americans-eat-less-added-sugars-saturated-fat-and-sodium]’.

There also isn’t something quite right about eating potatoes, even brown rice. I sometimes get tired after eating both. Come to find out, they raise your blood sugar.

But, is raising blood sugar all that bad when you are eating real food like potatoes and rice? Maybe, maybe not. Does eating starchy food give us energy? Good question.

I continue weighing the evidence experimenting with how my body feels because I am not so sure there is a human need to eat tubers and any grains at all.

I am finding that more and more, eating the following below is the right diet for me. Maybe, it will be for you too. After all, it made me lose 50 lbs., lowered my blood pressure and keeps me out of the doctor’s office.

‘I’m no spring chicken, but you might want to consider changing your diet. Because, what you eat now will determine your future health. And, the future will arrive much sooner than you may think’ ~ your author

Here’s what I eat everyday…

  • Fruit like berries and cantaloupe in the morning. I cut out pineapple because it’s too acid on my teeth
  • We do make a green smoothie in the afternoons with kale, spinach, strawberries, black currants, banana, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and green Japanese tea
  • I still do have a fried potato in the mornings, (not everyday) but I am having doubts about starchy food giving me energy or not
  • I eat a bean burrito for lunch and a large salad
  • Raw salads and fruit should be at the foundation of a healthy diet
  • Potatoes and rice are not the most nutritious and there are better choices
  • I have a salad for dinner with seeds on top
  • I eat a burrito for dinner with refried beans I make myself and brown rice
  • If I get hungry late at night, I eat warm rice with soy milk and/or more fruit
  • I may stop eating the rice and the tortillas

I have to add that cooking with oil or adding it to your food is health destroying. I don’t care what type it is, don’t do it. Of course it’s plentiful in all the snacks and junk foods we all love to abuse.

But, do try to stay oil free. Get your healthy oils from avocados, seeds and nuts, but do limit these for cardiovascular health.

All in all, you have to weigh things for yourself. When you eat right, you feel great. You are strong, you lose unwanted pounds and will live long like those in other countries (and here, like the seventh day Adventists.)

Source- 1 URL nhlbi.nih.gov/news/2016/new-dietary-guidelines-urge-americans-eat-less-added-sugars-saturated-fat-and-sodium
Website Title National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
Article Title New dietary guidelines urge Americans to eat less added sugars, saturated fat, and sodium
Date Accessed November 09, 2018

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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