Secrets to Living to 100 and Beyond

Living to 100 and Beyond

Do you want to live to 100 and beyond? I think we all do only if we are healthy and feel good. No one wants to be bed ridden, in a wheel chair or a burden on anyone. We all want to live independently and not have to depend upon anyone to help us if we can avoid it.

Unfortunately, we all will die. It’s not something we want to think about. We will never know when it’s our time. But, we will increase our chances of living longer if we keep our health in good shape. If you are old and lose your good health, you’ve just lost it all. Game over. So, the best antidote is prevention.

Two men who’ve lived past 100...

Bernardo LaPallo lived to be 114 years old. He used garlic, honey, cinnamon, chocolate and olive oil in his diet regularly. He ate a diet rich in fresh fruits and green vegetables like salads and his barley vegetable soup. He believed in doing everything in moderation. Now, I personally listen to experience and you might want to investigate this man (and, 109 year old Richard Overton as a contrast who smokes cigars, drinks coffee, whiskey, drinks milk and eats fish) further and watch a few videos on YouTube®. But, listen to research, too. That’s why I put citations in each page to back up what I have written’ ~ your author

Preventing something from happening in the first place is a lot easier than letting a disaster happen and then trying to fix it. For, once you’ve lost your health, you may never be able to regain it back.

We live in a youth based society where no one wants to think about getting old. But, you do get old no matter what you do, and it’s good to live for now, but later does arrive at our doorsteps a lot sooner than most of us would like.

‘The National Institute on Aging suggests to drink plenty of fluids, plan your meals, watch your portion size, eat with others, eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, eat softer foods for your teeth and gums, use herbs and spices, learn about contamination of your food, read labels for nutrition facts and consult your doctor for vitamin and supplements [1]’.

I know that what I eat makes me feel good or bad. It either gives me energy or drags me down. It matters what I eat. So, I have to watch out for myself. Granted, the birthdays and holidays come and you have to eat what grandma cooks.

For the love of old grandma, we don’t want to get on her bad side, right? Therefore, we need to live a little from time to time, but accept the consequences of eating food that we love eating that doesn’t necessarily love us back as much as Ole ‘granny’.

Source- 1 URL
Website Title National Institute on Aging
Article Title Choosing Healthy Meals As You Get Older
Date Accessed November 24, 2018

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.


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