Does Eating Starch Help Me Lose Weight?

Which starch is better to eat for weight loss? If high spikes in blood sugar is not healthy, then slowly digested starch (which is fermented in the large intestine by bacteria) should provide ‘extended energy release’ which will make us feel satiated longer than refined carbs.

Carbs in potatoes, rice and beans is called ‘resistant starch’ which is fermented in the large intestine by bacteria.

‘Resistant starch is defined as a portion of starch that cannot be digested by amylases in the small intestine and passes to the colon to be fermented by microbiota [1]’.

So, it seems a better choice to me to eat grains whole rather than refined or ground up like a fine flour. In other words, if you just have to eat your bread, get cracked grain in it.

Or, eat brown rice or a potato with the skin on. Other examples of resistant starch foods are corn flakes, muesli, corn, bananas other whole grains and lentils.

‘Growing evidence shows that many of the chronic health conditions in developed countries could be prevented or moderated by dietary changes. The most common starchy foods in the United States diet, including white bread, cakes, and noodles, consist of a large percentage of highly digestible starch. There is concern that such rapidly digested starches may contribute to chronic disease in people and animals and, because of this problem, starches that are resistant to digestive enzymes have been the focus of a growing research emphasis [2]’.

I know that when I eat bread I get hungry shortly after. Same goes for eating crackers, cold cereal, cookies and chips. I just can’t seem to put the box or bag down until I pound down the whole thing.

I remember eating bowl after bowl of my favorite cereal never feeling satisfied. Steel cut oats would have been better to lose weight, feel full and satiated. Seems like grain gets an addictive quality when it’s ground into powdery flour.

Potatoes, rice and beans affect me slightly different. I am not certain if I should keep eating them or not. I have doubts. But when I eat grapes, I get immediate energy and never feel fatigued. I tend to feel like taking a nap sometimes after eating rice, beans and potatoes.

I think simple carbs in fruits are easier for my body to assimilate. If one needs fast energy, he should eat fruit rather than complex carbs.

Fruitarians (those who eat only fruits, and possibly nuts and seeds) could be on to something. Although, some nutritionists advise against an all fruit diet for extended periods of time. Vegetables provide nutrients fruits may not have.

‘Basic weight loss theory has always advocated “eat less energy than you burn” which is a proven and effective strategy. Weight maintenance can only be achieved through energy balance, that is, an equivalent amount of energy intake and energy expenditure [3]’.

I am not certain whether or not we need starchy vegetables, tubers and grain at all. I know I feel much better when I only eat fruits and salads without adding anything starchy.

It appears to me that the increased surface area of processed grains makes one gain weight if he is not careful about the amount he eats. But, once I ceased eating potato chips, tortillas, crackers and other snack and junk foods, I got back on tract losig weight, feeling stronger, healthier and more energetic.

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Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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