Healthier Late Night Snacks: Ice Cream Substitute, anyone?

Me and my wife both like ice cream, but it likes me even less than it does her. I get congested, my ears plug up, I cough up mucus and generally feel lousy the next day. My body gives me a heads up pretty darn quick when I don’t eat right. If I were alone, I wouldn’t do any dairy.

But, I am no longer alone. And, when the wife gets the craving for ice cream, I get it for her at the store. I am sure you have heard the expression ‘if the wife isn’t happy’, well, you know the rest. And, if something bad is around, I tend to eat it too.

If all the food choices in the household were up to me, I wouldn’t buy anything unhealthful. But, when you are married to someone who doesn’t exactly see things your way, you have to compromise. You stay married by being flexible or is it you do what she wants? What do you think?

Despite that, there is actually no substitute for the real thing. And, I haven’t made an alternate ice cream recipe. You could of course, buy or learn how to make your own sherbet.

Personally, I don’t like eating or drinking many things which are cold. I guess ice cream is the exception. On birthdays or special occasions I eat ice cream. Most of the time, it’s off the menu.

When I get a sweet tooth at night…

  • I make a bowl of oatmeal in the microwave
  • I add a half a cup of oatmeal with enough water to cover
  • It goes in the micro about one minute
  • I add a cut up banana, maple syrup (try whole fruit spread made with 100% fruit, no added sugar or high-fructose corn syrup and no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors,) sunflower and pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, ground flax seeds and soy milk (very little of this one)

‘Soluble fibres have been known to lower blood cholesterol levels. Oat fibre has been associated with reduced risk of heart diseases. A number of mechanisms have been proposed which includes reduced rate of absorption because of increased viscosity of the gut contents, binding of bile salts to increase excretion and production of short chain fatty acids in the large intestine from fermentation of undigested carbohydrates which then inhibit cholesterol synthesis [1]’.

I favor warm food and drink no matter what season it is. And, oatmeal takes away the sweet cravings and fills you up, unless of course you fall prey to ice cream late at night once in a while with your wife. Anyway, there are those over 100 who do eat their fair share of ice cream.

Source- 1 URL
Article Title Nutritional advantages of oats and opportunities for its processing as value added foods – a review
Date Published online 2013 Jun 25.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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