Why Diet is as Important as Brushing your Teeth in Preventing Cavities

Saving your Teeth in a Cavity Filled World

As one gets older, he thinks more about things like having teeth to eat with. We know the obvious things not to eat so we don’t get cavities, don’t we? It’s sugar. But, we knew that. What I didn’t used to know was other food causes cavities. What is this food?

Did you know that eating grains, because they are so acidic can actually cause tooth decay? Especially eating refined grains will tend to ferment itself between the teeth. It produces an acid which will eventually break down our tooth enamel.

This is one reason I don’t eat any refined grain products anymore. This includes bread, tortillas, cookies, crackers and any product made with flour. You might miss eating these, but you won’t miss going to the dentist.

‘The same bacteria that digests carbohydrates produce an acid waste that will erode enamel on our teeth’ ~ your author

Phosphoric acid in soft drinks can erode tooth enamel. Fluoride in water can do the same, even though they say it’s good for our teeth. Watch the amount of toothpaste you put on your toothbrush.

Tips to save your teeth

  • Give up gummy refined grain products that stick to your teeth like bread, tortillas, chips, crackers, cereals, cookies, etc.
  • Don’t drink soft drinks, fruit drinks or use honey and sugar
  • Brush teeth regularly with a soft toothbrush, floss gently and water pik after
  • If you have a toothbrush that’s too hard, in the meantime, run it under hot water to ‘soften it up’
  • Use Interdental brushes between teeth
  • Eat more alkaline food from this chart and try to limit the acid List_of_Acid-Alkaline_Forming_Foods

Find a soft toothbrush and floss gently so you don’t create pockets in your gums. I had to buy a child’s toothbrush to find one soft enough. The adult ones they say are soft, aren’t. I use a water pik or water flosser to wash the food away after I brush. Well worth the effort.

As I mentioned earlier, grain is acidic and can damage tooth enamel. This goes for complex carbohydrate foods as well as simple carbohydrate that are gummy and stick to the teeth like dehydrated fruit. But, I believe fresh whole fruits and vegetables are OK when eaten. The fructose binds to the fiber.

I use something called ‘Interdental brushes’ by GUM. These work great. They look like bottle brushes you use in your sink to clean deep drinking glasses. These scrub out and clean between teeth very well.

‘If your dentist never told you about them (like any of mine didn’t) find a new dentist’ ~ your author

They also make a larger size (for bigger spaces between teeth) and a smaller one like the one in the photo as well but both with larger handles on them.

If you have spaces in your teeth and implants or crowns, interdental brushes, in my opinion, are essential for daily dental hygiene. They work better than floss. But, they don’t replace floss, because you do need that between teeth.

‘On the standard American diet, our teeth have most likely been damaged. But, we don’t want it to progress further’ ~ your author

To conclude, stay away from gummy foods that stick to your teeth. Rinse your mouth out after you eat all starchy and sweet foods, even potatoes and rice. It’s the sensible thing to do to protect your teeth as best you can. When in doubt about what you are eating, better safe than sorry. Rinse teeth out with water after eating.

Let’s get to the cause of cavities and kill the bacteria!

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor. Anything with teeth, consult your dentist. as I cannot guarantee results.




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