Processed Food and Refined Grains: Why ‘NONE’ is Better

I wanted to tell you all the reasons why I decided to give up refined grains like bread, tortillas, oatmeal and cold cereal. I have tried eating them over and over as a test, and have decided they consistently cause me inflammation.

Additionally, I don’t believe they are that nutritious. Of course, just because one food is slightly more nutritious than another doesn’t necessarily mean you should give up the lesser for the greater. A good example is dropping brown rice for russet potatoes and yams for sweet potatoes.

Did you know that there is no animal physiologically similar to us who eat grain. It’s the birds and cows who do, not the great apes who we are genetic relatives to. Our physiology and anatomy hasn’t changed dramatically in thousands of years to adjust to eating processed and refined foods.

I am no scientist, yet I believe nature provided us with the right foods to eat. But, since we have been raised on the standard American diet, we have to relearn which foods are healthiest for us to eat. Additionally, I don’t believe cavemen would be in the fields wasting his day under the hot sun gathering tiny seeds of wheat.

‘Seems like a lot of work for little payoff without harvesting machines. And, although wheat has fiber, I feel it can be too abrasive if not irritating to our intestines’ ~ your author

I don’t have the confidence refined grain is the ‘staff of life’. Whenever I ate bread, I never quite felt right after eating (even though bread always tasted really great especially, with butter.) More proof something you love eating isn’t necessarily the best choice.

The only grain I eat now is California grown basmati brown rice. My other resistant starch source is potatoes and beans. These are my main complex carbs other than simple carbs in fruit which I am limiting these days.

Reasons I gave up ‘refined grain and processed food’

  • Refined grain products tend to make me feel tired
  • I get hungry shortly after for more
  • I get acid reflux
  • Grains are acidic
  • We thrive on a more alkaline diet
  • I think I have a sensitivity to gluten
  • It affects my sinuses, plugs up my ears and makes me cough up mucus
  • Constipation
  • Processed grain can cause cavities. Find out why, here
  • Addictive in the sense I end up eating ‘a whole bag of chips’ in one sitting!
  • If you eat too much (crackers, chips and cookies) you will gain weight
  • Lower nutrition than other foods
  • That’s why the government mandated adding vitamins and minerals to cereal
  • Usually have added oil and sugar (sugar bad for teeth and oil causes inflammation)
  • Processed foods lack nourishment and can cause inflammation shortly after eating them
  • This goes for refined sugars as well as refined grains like bread, cereal, pizza crust and tortillas
  • I only eat one grain whole and that is basmati brown rice

But, I have doubts about eating rice because it is famous for efficient absorption of arsenic. I use basmati rice instead, because the arsenic content is said to be lower than others, especially when you buy it grown in California.

‘But, the question is, is any amount of arsenic good in anyone’s diet? I would think zero would be the better number. So, I am contemplating if I will continue eating rice’ ~ your author

Green potatoes contain a toxin substance called solanine. It’s a poison produced to repel bugs. But, you probably won’t eat enough solanine to cause serious harm.

Also, acrylamide in potatoes is caused by prolonged heating. So, don’t overcook them. Especially, don’t fry them in oil. Try to buy your potatoes organic and ‘not’ green. They spray regular potatoes with pesticide like they do strawberries and blueberries. Try to buy your fruits and vegetables organic.

‘Higher intake of whole grains has been associated with a lower risk of major chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD), although limited prospective evidence exists regarding whole grains’ association with mortality [1]’.

It seems everywhere one looks, there is something wrong with any food he eats. So, this being said, it’s a good idea to have in mind limiting his exposure to foods known to cause ‘potential’ health problems. But, as with arsenic in rice, we still need to eat something. But, you don’t need a complicated diet with a large variety of food. Just pick a few that are good for you that you love, then repeat. And, keep repeating.

‘For example, I love potatoes more than just about any plant based whole food. Most of the time, I eat fried potatoes in the morning and a baked potato at dinner. I have found nothing better to satisfy my appetite than adding rice and potatoes. But, have dropped rice because of arsenic and other toxins it so efficiently extracts from the soil it’s grown in’ ~ your author

Be sure to read all labels on processed and refined foods you buy so you know what’s in them. How I get around that is I cook everything I eat from scratch. Try some of my recipes, here.

We have all heard that some of us cannot tolerate wheat gluten, that sugar is not healthy and meat and dairy has bad cholesterol and that organic fruits and vegetables are not sprayed with pesticides or grown with harmful fertilizers.

Much is common sense and common knowledge when it comes to eating a healthy diet. When one sticks to a plant based whole food diet, he just can’t go wrong. You never have to eat tiny portions to lose weight. You eat all you want and get healthier.

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 Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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