Refined Grain & Processed Soy: Better Off Without Both?

I have good reasons giving up most grains and soy products. Why? Although, I did lose fifty pounds, I also searched for ways to feel better. I think that as you get ‘healthier’ through diet, your body reacts to unhealthful foods quicker than it used to.

I noticed I experienced side effects from eating refined grains like wheat, corn, oats, barley, etc. I also didn’t feel good eating soy products like crumbled soy (meat substitute.) I would mix it with my beans and rice to make a burrito. Together, Soy and beans have way too much protein.

‘Soy and soy foods are common nutritional solutions for vegetarians, due to their high protein content and versatility in the production of meat analogues and milk substitutes. However, there are some doubts about the potential effects on health, such as the effectiveness on cardiovascular risk reduction or, conversely, on the possible disruption of thyroid function and sexual hormones [1]’.

I have heard you should avoid ‘processed soy’. So, when I stopped eating it I began to feel better in general almost immediately.

Funny, how they say ‘soy’ is so good for you. They sure know how to make it taste good. But, more importantly, our health depends upon how the food is made.

For example, the Okinawan people are among the longest living people. Why is this? They use soy milk, tofu and miso in their daily diets. But, these are basically ‘unprocessed’ soy products. So, I now add tofu to some of my soup recipes.

‘Fake soy foods like burgers, hot dogs and cheeses are made from isolated soy proteins and various chemicals. I would pass all these up. If you just have to eat soy, eat the pods called Edamame which you can steam, boil or microwave…’ ~ your author

I have found if I don’t eat higher calorie plant foods like rice, beans and potatoes, I am always hungry. They leave me full and satisfied. Otherwise, I’d be tempted to eat bad things like chips and candy, etc..

My staple foods are potatoes, rice and beans. These are my ‘comfort’ foods. I add fresh and frozen vegetables like spinach and fruit like berries.

‘Whole grains (WG) and fruits and vegetables (FV) have been shown to reduce the risk of metabolic disease, possibly via modulation of the gut microbiota [2]’.

Keep your diet simple. Choose a few things you like eating, and then repeat. You can steam vegetables, make green salads, cook rice and bake potatoes. These are all easy to do and you will save money not buying meat, dairy and junk and snack food.

There is ample proof you will get healthier, lose weight and keep it off when you decide to change your lifestyle over eating plant based whole food. My recipes are easy to make.

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Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.


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