Not Feeling Well? Your Easy Fix Could Be More Fruits And Vegetables

It is easy to get off tract sometimes with how much of what you should be eating. I found I wasn’t having enough servings of fruits and vegetables because I was eating more grain products and not as hungry. I also wondering why I wasn’t feeling as good.

Before I knew it I realized I had cut way back on eating green salads. After I ate my big breakfast of potatoes, beans and tofu, I wasn’t hungry until about 3-4 PM. This means I missed lunch and went straight into dinner. I skipped my lunch salad.

I often eat steamed broccoli leftover from what my wife makes for herself. Sometimes, when it is a hot day, I don’t feel like eating dinner. So, what I was doing was having a large bowl of sprouted cereal with soy milk fulfilling my daily USDA My Plate recommendation for grain and a substitute dairy drink. I was still experimenting eating grains. I got lazy and undisciplined.

Eating cereal isn’t the same as eating fruit and vegetables, because fresh produce is more nutritious than grain. One can easily slip if not careful not getting enough of the right nutrients even though he is not eating snack and junk foods.

For example, the USDA My Plate recommends for me to eat at least…

  •  2 cups of fruit
  •  3 cups of vegetables, which translates to 6 cups of leafy greens for salads
  •  7 ounces of grain, which translates to seven slices of bread
  •  Cup and a half of beans
  •  3 cups of soy beverage
  •  For you, it will likely be different
  •  This is my personal My Plate Plan

I recommend you get your own USDA My Plate eating plan and post it on your refrigerator so you know how much to eat of what every day to feel your best and lose the weight you want.

*The evidence doesn’t look too good in favor of eating grain

Note- check with your doctor before you change your diet.

3 thoughts on “Not Feeling Well? Your Easy Fix Could Be More Fruits And Vegetables

  1. I like the thinking process you used on your diet but I do not trust USDA-my plate. They change the standard every 5 years. They are processed food executives with an interest in what you buy not healthy earing.

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    1. True. They do serve two masters. I just look at those things I believe in eating as sort of a remind me how to eat and how much guide. For example, I don’t eat meat or any dairy and some other things they recommend. But, there are work around choices for food substitutes they post. As it was for me, when I began searching for a healthier diet, it can be a beginner’s guide to eating better, losing weight and living longer. But, yeah, I do see your point and my trust like yours only goes so far, but not beyond my own judgement and research.


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