Still Feeling Lousy After Losing Weight? Possible Reasons Why…

why you might not feel good after losing weight

As we look around, we will find trim people who aren’t looking so healthy. Why is this so? There could be any number of causes. But, I can only speak for me. We’ve all been told by the mainstream media what we should eat.

They say over and over certain foods are healthy. But, later we hear low fat dairy, chicken and red meat all have bad cholesterol. We switch on the TV hearing one day something is healthy, the next day it isn’t.

‘It gets so confusing it can make your head spin. One so called authority or expert says one thing and the other guy says the exact opposite. What do you believe from which source’? ~ your author

It might help to read my weight loss story right, here. I experienced ups and downs losing weight, mainly because I wasn’t taking in enough calories eating plant based whole food. To compensate, I would snack on chips, tortillas, cookies, bread and crackers between meals.

I soon discovered ‘refined grain’, bags of  oily nuts and seeds and avocados kept me stuck around 185 lbs.. And, once I increased eating ‘whole foods’ like white russet potatoes and ‘whole grains’ like brown rice, quinoa and millet, I got back on tract steadily losing weight. So, you also have to keep an eye on fat content in what you eat and keep it very low if you plan on losing weight and trimming down. A low fat diet is also heart healthy.

In my opinion, when your body becomes healthier, foods causing harm are detected quicker. In other words, I feel my body’s alarm goes off when eating the wrong things. One example is when I ate rice, I actually felt poisoned by the arsenic.

‘When I lost my 50 pounds there was some discomfort. But, it didn’t last. This is because there are toxins trapped which are released when losing weight’ ~ your author

Before I changed over completely eating healthier plant based whole food, I didn’t know how much bodily damage eating refined and processed food could do. I think when one gets healthier, his body reacts faster to eating the wrong foods.

Here in the US, we eat so many things that have too much salt, oil, sugar, preservatives and other additives it’s almost impossible to discern which particular food is causing us harm.

‘Research has shown that the foods you eat influence your health. Eating certain foods, such as fruits and nuts, has been associated with reduced death rates, while other foods, such as red meat and processed meat, have been linked to increased mortality [1]’.

Therefore, you might want to begin paying close attention to how your body feels after eating, even though you may have lost all the weight you wanted. From the beginning, start keeping a ‘daily diary’ using one of those yellow pads. Record how you feel when you eat something and jot down when you are regular and not.

Then, you can look back and see a pattern developing so you can make the right corrections to your diet. And, whatever you do, don’t micromanage your weight. In other words, weigh yourself only once a week, no more than that. Why? Because your weight may go up and down and it will only frustrate or discourage your weight loss efforts hopping on and off the scale all the time.

Below are common examples of foods known to cause reactions in some of us. You might want to consult your doctor and try the elimination diet to pin down the real culprits. This list is not all inclusive…

1. Meat, chicken, fish and other animal products like dairy and eggs 2. Wheat, oats, rye, barley, corn 3. Citrus fruits and strawberries 4. Potatoes, tomatoes and other nightshade vegetables like hot peppers and bell peppers 5. Nuts 6. Coffee and tea
7. Chocolate 8. Refined oil like olive, vegetable and all the others

Source- 1 URL
Website Title National Institutes of Health
Article Title Vegetarian Diets Linked to Lower Mortality
Date Published March 31, 2016
Date Accessed July 18, 2019

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.


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