Green Leafy Nutrition: ‘Thou’ Art Commanded To Eat Thy Daily Essential Large Salad

Even before I knew anything about healthy food, I always loved my green salads. Unfortunately, I also used a lot of Roquefort and blue cheese dressings!

5 lettuce mix Photo courtesy of ‘Fresh express’

It’s almost like I ate a teaspoon full with every bite of salad. Currently, I use a tahini dressing which is lower fat than the cheesy dressings I used to use.

‘Controlling for covariates, raw fruit and vegetable intake (FVI) predicted reduced depressive symptoms and higher positive mood, life satisfaction, and flourishing; processed FVI only predicted higher positive mood. The top 10 raw foods related to better mental health were carrots, bananas, apples, dark leafy greens like spinach, grapefruit, lettuce, citrus fruits, fresh berries, cucumber, and kiwifruit [1]’.

green salads
Click here for your salad bar ‘PDF’ nutrition download for green leafy salads!

I eat probably a bag and a half of this green salad daily. I figure whatever salad dressing I put on in moderation is a good thing rather than bad. I love the wonderful pungent taste of tahini, so that’s what I use everyday. It makes me eat a lot of salad and that just can’t be bad. This comes to about 9 oz.

‘I was feeling lousy and wondered why. I figured I wasn’t eating enough greens. After I ate a bag of salad with five lettuce varieties, I began feeling better almost immediately’ ~ your author

Hopefully, the health benefits outweigh any damage to my body with the high fat dressing. I would imagine it equals the fat content of peanut butter. I don’t try to be perfect. We have to love the taste of what healthy food we eat or we simply won’t eat it.

ken's light caesar
Photo courtesy of ‘Ken’s’ this is their regular but I use their ‘light’ Caesar dressing instead

‘I use Ken’s® light Caesar dressing (I drain the oil out of the bottle first,) with lemon and tahini and add a few spinach leaves to this 5 salad lettuce. You get your Garlic, vitamin C, Iron, A, Calcium, Potassium and K. No vitamin D, you have to get outside into the sun for that’! ~ your author

Source- 1 URL
Website Title National Center for Biotechnology Information
Article Title Home – PMC – NCBI
Date Accessed July 25, 2019

2 Salad Bar nutrition

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.


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