Why Stop Eating Bread? (And, Other Foods You Thought Were Healthy)

I always loved bread and cold cereal. I could eat a whole loaf of sour dough myself with butter on it. But, what does grain do that’s good for you? I know how it makes me feel in the morning when I eat a big bowl of cereal the night before. Here’s what happens to me. Do you have any of these symptoms below?

  • It gives me acid reflux
  • My joints and muscles ache all over my body
  • I get acne
  • Cough up mucus
  • Sinus problems
  • Bottoms of feet feel numb
  • Ears plug up and hear ringing
  • Wrist is inflamed
  • Slight headache
  • Lower back muscles hurt
  • Joints in hands slightly swelled up
  • Makes me feel tired
  • It makes my heart skip a beat
  • I don’t feel like my digestive system in general is working as good as other plant based whole food
  • Doesn’t matter whether I am eating grain whole, sprouted or refined

You know, I was thinking lately that maybe our bodily system as a whole wasn’t designed to eat grain. I am positive it does good for livestock and birds, but possibly not universally for human consumption. We don’t have beaks or two stomachs…

Compared to other plant based whole food, grain isn’t that nutritious and the fiber might be too tough, even causing some kind of harm to our digestive system. Thankfully, there’s plenty of other stuff to eat that’s a lot more nutritious like most fruits and vegetables.

‘Among other reasons, I became a vegetarian because I learned meat causes cancer. I didn’t want to get cancer or have a heart attack or stroke, either. But, along the way, you discover other things they say are healthy that vegetarians eat that may not be. It’s a learning process…’ ~ your author

Maybe, I have a gluten sensitivity? Could be. It’s not so uncommon. I have never been tested, but I trust my body and how it reacts to food I eat. Grains are addictive because they contain an opiate like substance.

I have gone back and forth giving many chances experimenting with how I felt eating grain products because I really do like them. But, I have learned the hard way that what I like eating may not necessarily be that good for my health.

When I opened a box of salty snack crackers I ate the whole box! I love chips, too! That’s why I got stuck at 185 pounds, and as soon as I stopped eating all of these, I got back on tract losing weight again and began feeling a whole lot better.

I don’t mean to pick on grain. There are many health professionals who tell us grain is good. Then, on the other hand, others tell us it’s bad. Who’s the ultimate expert here, anyway?!

So, we are forced to use our own judgement in the matter of eating grains or not. You might also want to pay attention to how you feel eating these well known inflammatory triggers they suggest you avoid on an elimination diet.

  1. Dairy products 2. Corn 3. Meats 4. Wheat, oats, rye  5. Eggs
  2. Citrus fruits 7. Potatoes 8. Tomatoes  9. Nuts  10. Coffee  11. Tea
  3. Chocolate 13. Oil 14. Strawberries

How does eating bread and other grain products make you feel? It’s not impossible to give it up, yet grain (wheat, corn, rice flour, etc.) is in more things than you might expect. If you are going to eat processed food, you will have to scrutinize its ingredients by reading all labels.

‘The best work around is to largely eat plant based whole food you cook yourself. It’s the only way to know for sure what’s in the food you eat’ ~ your author

*The evidence doesn’t look too good in favor of eating grain. Furthermore, grain is still grain whether it’s ground into a powder, whole or sprouted, organic or non-GMO. So, if you do have a sensitivity to one grain, you may have a sensitivity to others, if not all of them like I think I may.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

2 thoughts on “Why Stop Eating Bread? (And, Other Foods You Thought Were Healthy)

  1. What kind of milk are you using on your cold cereal? Dairy is known to cause an increase in mucous and inflammatory response. It might be the milk giving you issues in the morning, not necessarily the cereal itself. I prefer almond milk. https://lowcarbdietlife.com/2018/12/06/health-benefits-of-almond-milk/

    Carbohydrates are a premium fuel for the body, so a little bit of grains etc.goes a whole lot further than we would like it to go with regard to not gaining weight. Any extra carbs, calories, or fats we eat get stored in the body as fat…and the result is weight gain.

    Nuts are full of healthy fats! So, they will not clog your veins and arteries causing cardiovascular problems like other fats. However, they can make you gain weight if you eat beyond your daily calorie needs. https://lowcarbdietlife.com/2018/05/23/low-carb-nuts/

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    1. Thanks for your inquiry! Oh, no! I never use dairy! No way! It’s either organic soy or almond milk. Never rice milk (arsenic.) I get my major carbs from beans and potatoes, no longer any grain except for whole organic corn. I don’t do refined grains like cold cereal or tortillas, not anymore. Although, I do use only a ‘few’ seeds occasionally like sunflower and pumpkin in my salads and green smoothie known to help absorption of nutrients.


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