What I Did That Made My Life Much Happier

There is an expression I think is taught in journalism school. It goes something like this… ‘good news isn’t news at all’. Of course, I may have gotten the saying slightly wrong, but you get the message. I learned how to make my life just a little bit happier by doing one thing. Guess what that was?

In this day of social media, it seems everyone wants to know someone’s business they don’t even know. But, what good news do you hear on TV? You sure won’t hear it on the evening news. Maybe, at the end they will leave you with something on a more positive note. But, by and large, you are bombarded by the negative.

If one wants to get happier, he has to monitor his thoughts. You may even be so bold as to call it becoming master of your own mind. It’s so easy to be carried away by current events you hear. So many of us learn things about famous people we don’t even know. We clutter our minds with facts and hearsay.

But, the information doesn’t even relate to our daily lives. I know most people are social, but we are inundated by current events which are usually negative in nature. Personally, I don’t like constant drama. I like peace and serenity. What was my salvation?

‘What I did that made a huge impact on my general happiness and peace of mind was simply to turn off the TV news. This means all news, whether it be conservative or mainstream liberal media’ ~ your author

Amazingly, I felt better almost immediately. And, once the muck cleared from my mind, I observed there were additional concerns and worrisome thoughts, a residue remaining. From then on, I decided to imagine outcomes that were positive.

And, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing since. Soon after, wonderful things began happening. In other words, instead of dwelling on what I didn’t want all the time, I focused upon what outcome, the final result or end that I truly wanted.

And, if a bad story played on in my head, I would stop it or not take part in it and change it by focusing elsewhere. I began using my imagination to fabricate the outcome I wanted in my daily life.

An interesting anecdote was when I was looking for a parking place at Home Depot, the perfect parking spot appeared. I couldn’t believe I didn’t have to park in the North 40.

Thinking more positively in my opinion, can actually make one healthier. When we feel happier we will not be so tempted to seek snack and junk food as comfort.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor. But, if you have issues of a mental or emotional nature, you might want to consider speaking to a family counselor.

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