Is There A Remedy For Quieting A Runaway Mind? This Works For Me…

calming a racing mind with positive thinking and meditation

How do you bring quiet to racing thoughts? Does it matter how we got this way? I will tell you that it doesn’t matter how. You start right where you are right now.

I think that if one can assume the wrong things about oneself, he can also turn it around and assume the positive. For example, if you wish you had more money, assume you already have it.

‘Without getting too metaphysical here, in my opinion, through my own observation it seems people who are successful focus primarily upon the positive outcome they wish for. In other words, they don’t dwell on the muck’ ~ your author

For, to me, it seems whatever we think makes us who we are. I mean, what else would make us what we are other than our own opinion about ourselves? Consciousness is kind of like a magnet and attracts more of what we think about.

So, if we want to be happier, it might be the better idea to not dwell on the negative. Choose to think about those things or conditions you would rather have.

‘Take time out for yourself and relax your mind. Meditation is a tool to do so. To me, it’s like prayer. Here’s how I do it: I focus upon my awareness, that part that I know is me, the part you can say ‘I am’. And, I keep bringing myself back to that sense of ‘I am-ness’. But, you can also bring your focus to nature or if you like imagining you are sitting on a park bench in a beautiful park ~ your author

Negative thinking is a bad mental habit which took time to get that way. Therefore, one can also undo thinking poorly. Better health also depends upon how we think, not just what we eat. There are other things too, like friends, family, getting out into the sun, having a job we love instead of hate, etc..

‘If one is miserable, he might want to eat more snack and junk food to make himself feel better. But, it is only a temporary fix. Then, you eat more and more and you really never quite feel better’ ~ your author

Obesity is considered a medical problem needing doctor’s care. But, in the meantime, we can do things to make ourselves feel better besides eating unhealthful food.

I have learned from my own experience that when I made the decision to change my assumptions I immediately began living in a better world.

Note- For mental and emotional issues one may wish to consider marriage and family therapy or counseling.

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