When You’ve Finally Had Enough Of The ‘Up And Down’ Weight Loss Roller Coaster Ride…

When You've Finally Had Enough Of The Up And Down Weight Loss Roller Coaster Ride

I don’t know about you, but I got tired of punching holes in my leather belt making it longer. I was so tired of having that ‘plumber’s crack’ when I bent over. My belly hung over my belt and my clothes didn’t fit right. When was enough, enough?

You have to reach that point and a decision has to be made. You are ready when you are ready. For each of us, it’s different. Some are tired of feeling sick and tired, while others may have more serious health issues like a heart attack.

We don’t have to let things get out of hand although they often do before we decide we need a lifestyle change to make us feel better, look better and/or save our lives.

‘My personal secret to long life and happiness: Do those things that make you happy, but also eat a majority of real whole food in your diet’ ~ your author

Most of us never realize that the food we eat will either make us well or sick. It has been proven through research a plant based whole food diet will make one lose weight, feel better, get healthier and live longer. Those in cultures who eat this way are trim, healthy and live longest. Don’t we want to be like them? It’s doable…

It can be as simple as changing those foods we currently eat to those which have less salt, sugar and oil. For example, for me, most all processed and refined foods had to go out the window. It was surprising to me how much of my food was refined grain. So, if you just have to have it, eat it whole. Example: Rice.

I no longer cook with oil or drizzle it on my salad. White sugar is totally gone. The only coffee I drink is an occasional sample of it when I shop at SproutsⓇ for this and that. Hey, did I mention I’m not perfect?

We do fall off the diet wagon once in a while, but for the most part, we here make our own meals from scratch. You can only do the best you can in this world of bad food temptation. When you fall off the wagon, simply hop back on ASAP.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.


  1. Excellent post, and wise. Here in NL I walk to the local grocery store on the sea which has been here since 1842. There is an amazing variety of organic and healthy food there. Cooking from scratch is always the best and makes us more connected to, and mindful of, the food we choose to eat. And I only buy what I can carry, so I make frequent trips to the store and plan meals carefully. 🤗

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