The Real Reasons I Write Posts For My Weight Loss, Health And Longevity Site…

You might have wondered, why did I start this site? I guess, it’s a public service kind of thing. I am not rolling in the dough because of my writing. But, it does give personal satisfaction, of which money in itself can never give.

I worked at a career that made good money, but I hated it. For my personality, it was a soul killing job. Therefore, in my future years, I never want to do anything I don’t like doing anymore.

‘I love to write and write about many subjects. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I have nothing to lose and much to gain because of telling my truth’.

In recent years, I wrote a novel named ‘Meet Duff’, which is a sci-fi book on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. You could call me a professional writer, as I have been doing so for a number of years now.

I have written books about how to find your ideal career, how to manifest your desires and lastly how to make money at your local swap meet! I sold things to make extra money to supplement my retirement. Most writers unfortunately don’t make the best seller list…

‘I also write poetry. So, if you are a fan of poems, read a little of it, you might become a lifetime fan’.

The main purpose of this website is to reveal to you free of charge what I discovered through my own research and real life experience that works for me.

Therefore, weigh the information presented within this site for yourself and see if it fits in your life or not. And, I’ll bet you will agree it will prove useful guiding you to lose unwanted weight, in feeling better, getting healthier and likely living longer.


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