Seeking True Happiness: Or, How Do We Define ‘Real’ Health?

happiness real health definition

If you ask ten people their definition of good health you would probably get ten different answers. How do we make an accurate definition of what good health is for ourselves?

Personally, for me, good health consists of relative peace of mind, my body free of disease and a happy life. But, this of course, is not  an all inclusive definition. Yet, it might be the right time to reflect upon doing more things that will make you happier…

‘What does good health mean to you? Many things can affect our health. For example, I always hated my job. It was soul killing and depressed me…’ ~ your author

I landed in the wrong profession for my personality make up. It was such a relief after forty years of doing that job when I finally rid myself of it. Unfortunately, I retired to do so. Yet, I couldn’t wait for that day. And, from then on, I decided I should never do again what wasn’t me. Now, I write what’s on my mind.

An essential ingredient for happiness is to be in the right career. You might want to take the personality test from Myers Briggs. I believe it can help one decide which job is right for the kind of person he really is. Why not fulfill your life purpose and mission working with ‘like minded’ people?

By default, good health makes a happier person. We know we won’t be happy in pain suffering an ailment, condition or disease. You have to be feeling a state of well being, or you can’t say you are truly happy. And, if you dread Mondays and love Fridays, that’s the red flag you should consider changing careers, ASAP.

Remember, mental and emotional wellness depends upon many factors, not just one thing. In combination, the right job, diet, exercise, adequate sleep, sunlight, pure water, spirituality or religion, friends and family will likely lead you to a much happier life than without them.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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