Quick And Easy Happiness Tips

What To Do If Not Happy

This post is about mental health the way I see it. If you are not happy, there is a reason. It’s because of the state of health, emotions or mind we are currently in.

Life, and people although we have influence we cannot control. But, I believe we can learn to monitor what thoughts we ponder and our beliefs and change the course of our lives thereby.

‘Learning to meditate is a good way to begin centering oneself within his own being creating a sense of peace and serenity’ ~ your author

Where do our thoughts come from? And, does it really matter where? I would say most are of our own making and choice because of what things we dwell upon the most. Yes, things happen in our lives that shouldn’t happen. But, we can bring challenge to our mental chatter.

‘No one holds the key to happiness. And, if they say they do, in my opinion, they are not telling you the whole truth. In the end, it is only us who will decide to be happy’ ~ your author

There is stress and sadness and pain and misery caused by certain situations and conditions. It seems much may be out of our control. Even, things in our past can haunt us. At some point, we must evaluate our lives and try to change our destiny. Looking at the bright side instead of the dark is the better choice.

‘If money doesn’t buy happiness, what does? In all 44 countries surveyed in 2002 by the Pew Research Center, family life provided the greatest source of satisfaction. Married people live on average three years longer and enjoy greater physical and psychological health than the unmarried [1 ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1322236/]’.

Is there a common road map to happiness or is this unreasonable to expect? As we are all different, the idea of what happiness is will differ from person to person. But, if unhappiness persists, maybe a lifestyle change is in order. It would be a good idea to decide how and where we’d rather live.

‘We must begin to think more about what makes us happy rather than dwelling upon what’s wrong in our lives’ ~ your author

One thing that benefited me in a big way was turning off the mainstream media news. They are taught in journalism school that good news is not news. Therefore, most of what we hear is negative.

Furthermore, when a negative thought begins to play out in our mind, you don’t have to go with it. Stop it immediately and don’t allow it to complete itself. Rather, imagine a positive outcome to replace it instead.

We can also bring a new image to things which have happened in our past. Imagine all outcomes as good results. It takes practice, but it works. After all, life is one great big experiment. Might as well create a pleasant state of mind and emotions which brings good health and attracts everything we desire in life to make ourselves happy.

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Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet. And, if you have mental and/or emotional issues you may wish to consult a marriage and family counselor.


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