Cleaning Up Negative Thinking To More Positive Thoughts

Although, I have been to college, most of what I’ve learned that’s been valuable has been through living life. I have read a boat load of books about nutrition and psychology, and by that you could say I’m educated.

Furthermore, I have been a so called writer for more than a few years now and am feeling quite better that what I write is making more and more sense. Believe me, I roll my eyes at some of the stuff I used to write when I was getting started.

I’m sure there are those who think the upper studies are more valuable than lower division studies, but to me information comes from many sources and is just as valid. One can be ‘self educated’.

Cleaning Up Mental Habits: How To Build A Healthy Mind (here’s what I do…)

  • I get really charged up and angry when I watch the mainstream news
  • So, I don’t watch it anymore
  • There is one thing after another that’s only negative
  • I believe in what my gut or intuition tells me without proof
  • I believe in me without conditions
  • I visualize what I want, not think of it, but instead live within the thought and what it would feel like if it were true. For example, if I want a new car, I visualize driving it. I smell the new car, have my two hands on the wheel, put it into drive and go for a spin around the block
  • I monitor my thoughts. If a negative thought intrudes, and it surely will, I don’t partake of it. I stop it dead in its tracts
  • I watch how I talk to me
  • Your own self talk makes you who you are
  • In other words, others will think of you as you think of yourself
  • So, if you want to change you, a suggestion would be to say to yourself that  ‘I am’ this or that instead of ‘I want to be’
  • These are a few things I’ve learned along the way. I also wrote a book about it

Many rich and famous people dropped out of college or never attended. What I’ve learned is that you must believe in yourself first and that you don’t need a title, permission nor approval from anyone. I only wish I would have learned this truth much earlier in life and not had to learn it the hard way.

‘Don’t forget: A job you like doing, hobbies or special interests, physical activity and/or exercise, family, love, spirituality and/or religion is just as important as eating healthy food’ ~ your author

One can eat all the healthy food he wants and still be unhealthy. Man does not survive on food alone. He is not meant to be an island. That’s what I discovered one day while single. Sure, it’s easy on your own in so far as doing exactly as you want. But, you do it alone.

‘Do what makes you happy, but don’t get thrown into jail for it. Lastly, do unto others as you would like them do unto you’ ~ your author

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor. If you have mental and/or emotional issues, it might be a good decision to talk to someone about it. Maybe, a marriage and family therapist or another type of counselor could prove valuable.



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