Common Sense Tips About Those Who Live Longest

Easy Tips To Remember On Living Longer

The older one gets, the more concerned he is about how much longer he’s going to live. No one wants to think about his own demise. It’s scary. And, many wonder if there is an afterlife or not. Regardless, we must take care of these bodies of ours or they at some point will break down.

‘People in cultures who eat high fiber, low calorie, high nutrient low fat food tend to be trimmer, healthier and live longest. Their diet is basically plant based whole food which means they eat mostly raw, cooked and steamed fruits and vegetables’ ~ your author

I have found a few tips that might increase ones lifespan. Most I believe everybody knows. I think they are common sense. But, it might be a good idea to remind ourselves lest we get off tract and become too unhealthy beyond the point of no return. Prevention of some disease, ailment or condition is preferable to landing in a hospital bed.

Commonsense longevity tips…

  • Don’t smoke
  • Keep alcohol at a minimum
  • Have a job you love
  • Relationships matter
  • Think positive
  • Keep interested in life and stay mentally active
  • Get adequate sleep
  • You might want to learn how to meditate
  • Find a hobby
  • Pets are good companions!
  • Spirituality/religion
  • Get into the sun each day (Vitamin D)
  • Drink filtered water
  • See if you feel better drinking one green smoothie each day
  • Take B12 if you decide to be vegetarian or vegan
  • Exercise and/or stay physically active
  • Keep your body mass down below 30 
  • Eat a healthy diet

‘Older people tend to be healthier nowadays, too. Research has shown that healthful behaviors can help you stay active and healthy into your 60s, 70s, and beyond. In fact, a long-term study of Seventh-day Adventists—a religious group with a generally healthy lifestyle—shows that they tend to remain healthier into old age. Their life expectancy is nearly 10 years longer on average than most Americans. The Adventists’ age-enhancing behaviors include regular exercise, a vegetarian diet, avoiding tobacco and alcohol, and maintaining a healthy weight [1]’.

You very likely have heard of the old expression ‘use it or lose it’. I have found this to be so true. For example, when I slacked off exercise for a while, I noticed my muscles shrank and skin got saggy where muscles used to be.

Therefore, it’s good to make an exercise plan that you are sure you will stick to. Try one that’s not too hard or not too easy, but be sure to make it fun.

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Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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