How I Lost 50 Pounds, Got Healthier (and, happier…)

How Did Your Author Lose 50 Pounds And Get Healthier

Every time I slipped on my diet, my body thanked me when I began eating the right food once more. You learn to listen to when your body issues an almost silent ‘thank you’. It’s so easy to miss what your body is trying to tell you, since we have been numbed with the wrong food for most our lives.

After you have eaten plant based whole food for a while, you won’t want to go back to the old ways of eating. Yes, you will be tempted and will fall from time to time. But, what you learn to do is jump back on the wagon you just fell off.

This is because all the wrong eating is constantly pushed in your face by the media who makes millions off advertising. Unfortunately, it is tradition and culture which teaches us to eat certain foods which are not healthy.

Therefore, you might find it in your interest to acquire a few new ‘health minded plant based whole food eating friends’ to support you in your healthier eating habits and lifestyle.

‘I reached a point where I was sick of fad diets, was through with having no energy feeling lousy all the time and tired of my belly hanging over my belt’ ~ your author

Back to the bad food advertisers and the media which so gladly takes their money… It’s purely economics on their part. I don’t think it is a conspiracy to brainwash or program us into eating snack and junk food and fast food.

They make big money off it. There is no ‘big green salad lobby’. There is no plant based whole food lobby where you see their commercials on TV telling you the benefits of eating right like weight loss, feeling better, getting healthier and living longer.

How I lost my 50 pounds (in a nutshell)

  •  Eating plant based whole food was key to my health and weight loss success
  •  This means I eat mostly salads, steamed, raw and cooked vegetables and fruits like berries
  •  I drink one green smoothie each day
  •  I also eat beans, rice and potatoes often with sautéed onions, mushrooms and bell peppers
  •  Go to how I eat now, for more details, here

Once I learned that snacks like chips, cookies and crackers were keeping my weight stuck, I started losing weight once more. There’s something about ‘refined carbs’ that if you eat too much, you gain weight. Same goes for drinking soft drinks. But, fortunately for me, I never had much of a craving for soda pop anyway.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.







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