Healthiest Diet On Earth: Vegetarian, Vegan, Or Plant Based Whole Food?

Now, I’m not a doctor, but I do know how much food can influence my moods. Whether you are unhappy about how you look or you drink too much caffeinated sugary liquids, your moods can change for better or worse. Food can pep you up yet later drop you down.

I have found that the more plant based whole food I eat, the better I feel. I remember drinking too much coffee and getting daily heart palpitations. Once, I got a panic attack. That in itself made me think I was in the middle of having a heart attack. I immediately stopped drinking as much coffee

But, the heart palpitations continued with coffee, even though I reduced my intake of it. I did like it strong, but it seems to me that ever since I began drinking Japanese green tea, I have had no panic attacks and no heart palpitations. I call these episodes, ‘my heart skipping a beat’.

Why Eating Plant Based Whole Food Is Better Than Simply Being A Vegetarian Or Vegan

  •  Unhealthy foods qualify as vegetarian or vegan, such as alcoholic beverages, chips, soda pop, sugar, refined oils, flour products, snack and junk and other processed foods
  •  There are different types of vegetarians, such as those who eat dairy products and eggs and those who eat only fruit
  •  I predominately eat beans, rice, salsa and hot sauce, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, peas, corn off the cob, all berries, one green smoothie a day, 5 leaf green salads (my own dressing) and steamed, raw or cooked vegetables, spices, salt and pepper

Caffeine might not bother you when you are in your twenties or younger, but when you get to middle age and beyond, you might then be a lot more concerned about what heart palpitations or irregular heart beats may mean health wise.

‘On my site, I believe I may have been a little critical on diet, although, I am not a purist or perfectionist. Being sensible is best, because being moderate can mean many things’ ~ your author

I only want to share what I have learned so that you may benefit. I am still learning as I go grappling from time to time (mainly on birthdays and holidays) with willpower over eating some of the wrong foods. After all, changing decades of poor and traditional eating habits may take a little more time than hoped for.

Yet, I would sure like to hear feedback if any information I present does either make you lose weight, feel better and get healthier through alleviating or curing some ailment, condition or disease.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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