Why One Green Smoothie A Day (like an apple) May Keep The Doctor Away

green smoothie keep the doctor away

I think everyone worries about the question ‘what if’ about something in life. For me at least, I want to try to cover all bases when it comes to my health. You know, ‘if’ one loses his health he loses it all. So, the best measure to take is preventative in nature.

I don’t mean to take any vitamin and mineral pills, as much as I mean eating and drinking things that supply them naturally. I don’t really go for juicing, but I do make an exception for my green smoothie. Although, I do consider smoothies a supplement.

Personally, I think smoothies a potentially good thing for what may be ailing you. It gives you the edge in case anything is missing from your diet. You are in effect, trying to cover all the nutrient bases.

‘Smoothies (and, soups and sauces made in a blender) cut down food particle size which will most likely increase nutrient absorption’ ~ your author

In case you are interested I have a green smoothie recipe me and my wife make and drink everyday. We add things one might not think about for their nutritional content. For example, we add black currants and a few seeds.

It’s very tasty, filling and nutritious. And, it’s in alignment with the plant based whole food principle in which you are eating the whole thing. Fiber is an essential nutrient which for the most part has been removed when juicing fruits and vegetables.

The good thing about mixing fruit with vegetables in making your daily green smoothie is that the fruit masks the bitterness of the vegetables. In our drink, we add Kale. It’s kind of bitter, but one of the most nutritious greens there are.

Blending as well as chopping increases your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. So, it’s good to chew your food well in the first place. Blending would increase the surface area by reducing particle size thereby increasing bioavailability of the nutrients.

Note- consult your doctor in case you change your diet.

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