Key Elements To Permanent Healthy Weight Loss (Simplified)

This is just an updated reminder that if we follow a few proven principles, we will lose weight and keep it off. How so?

Maintaining the weight you lost is kind of a balancing act. You need to basically burn up more calories than you take in. And, how I do it is eating foods naturally low in calories and high in fiber. I call it plant based whole food, where avocados, nuts and seeds are kept to a bare minimum.

‘Don’t forget that oil and fat are higher calorie than carbohydrate food. An easy rule of thumb to remember is oil has twice the calories as carbs’ ~ your author

I also do exercise daily. But, my routine takes about ten minutes to complete. I use a combination of aerobics and free weights. It’s not anything exhaustive.

In the beginning, when I decided to lose 50 pounds, I figured out my BMI. Here is where I went online. Click, here.

Meditation is helpful as a relaxation technique keeping you centered. For me, it creates a sense of well being. One must watch his thinking (self talk) and be sure to eliminate the negative because you can get discouraged losing weight if you go up and down and don’t lose what you want as quickly as you expected. Remember, that most people in cultures who primarily eat diets of plant based whole food are healthier, trimmer and live longer. So, let’s be like them…’ ~ your author

It’s a good idea to know how many calories you need daily to maintain your healthy weight. I made a brief visit to My Plate Plan Calculator to learn how many calories I needed for my age, height, weight and activity level.

‘I keep active around the house. For example, I mow my own lawn, maintain my pool and am my own home repairman. Doing so not only saves money, but helps keep you in tip top shape’ ~ your author

Once you know your daily calorie requirement, you can start a healthy diet, here. Now, I am a vegetarian eating only plant based whole food, so I don’t agree with their recommendations eating animal products, some processed products and refined grains.

But, you might see things different, and that’s fine. Everything depends upon how fast you want to lose weight and the amount you want to lose. But, do be patient with yourself, for permanent weight loss is slower but surer, likely to last the rest of our years. It took me a year to lose 50 pounds, and haven’t gained a pound of it back.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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