Healthy Reasons Why You Might Want To Stop Consuming Delicious Tasting Dairy products

are milk products healthy or not lactose intollerant mucus forming

My wife loves ice cream. I haven’t been able to talk her out of it. Although, currently, she eats much less of it unless there is a birthday or holiday when someone in the family brings pies and ice cream over for the celebration. I do, on occasion, eat ice cream and other bad stuff I know I shouldn’t.

If you eat like I do a majority of the time, you can count yourself as one of the one percent who do. Most of the time I don’t eat any refined or processed food. What I mean by this is any plant based whole food that has been altered by man.

For example, refined oil is extracted from vegetables. I don’t use it. I don’t eat TV dinners. I don’t go out to eat, stuff like that. I eat fruits and vegetables whole. For example, I steam broccoli for my wife and I eat some of hers. In the morning, I fry up a pan of skinned and chopped potatoes with no oil. I add onions, mushrooms, chopped cabbage and carrots, some tofu and pinto beans. I also eat fruit like berries and green leafy salads.

‘My wife thinks my breakfast bowl looks like a pile of garbage, and I agree, but it tastes good and it is healthy. She is doing better with eating whole food. I cook her hash browns every day in the morning’ ~ your author

When it comes to milk, many are lactose intolerant. I believe my wife’s daughter was, for every time she ate ice cream, cheese or drank milk, her stomach would get upset. Furthermore, the calcium in milk is not the right kind for human consumption. For example, you can get plenty of the right kind from eating broccoli. But, in my opinion, if you just have to have your milk products, limit them for best health.

  •  Get your calcium from broccoli and green leafy vegetables
  •  These also have vitamin K, which is good for the bones
  •  I eat beans and tofu, that among other things, also contain calcium the body can utilize
  •  Get your vitamin D from the sun
  •  Vitamin D isn’t a vitamin, it’s a hormone the kidneys produce
  •  It begins when the skin is reddened by the sun
  •  Nevertheless, vitamin D is called the wonder vitamin
  •  Be sure to stay physically active, as doing so is also good for the bones
  •  Dairy has bad cholesterol
  •  It is healthiest to avoid all animal products
  •  I don’t believe that almond, rice or soy milks are any better for you
  •  The milk protein, Casein has an opioid addictive (Beta-Casomorphins) like effect
  •  But, then, on the other hand, foods that are high in sugar, fat and salt can also be addictive
  •  That’s why it’s so hard to stop eating snack and junk food
  •  It simply tastes so good! But, it’s not good for your health
  •  It’s called ‘food addiction’, when you binge eat
  •  Get your nutrients like vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables
  •  Eating more fatty foods will make you gain more weight

‘The overall evidence indicates that a high intake of milk and dairy products, that is, 200–300 ml/day, does not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Specifically, there is an inverse association with risk of hypertension and stroke [1]’.

One cup of milk equals approximately 300 ml. No one I ever heard of drinks that small an amount. Furthermore, what happens to you when you drink and eat more milk fat (cream, ice cream, cheese, etc.) like most people do? So, to me, this citation may mislead one into thinking more dairy is better. Yet, in truth, more of it is definitely not better for many people, including myself. How about you? 

To conclude, I do know this, from everything I’ve read and studied in the past, that more milk products are not better for you, much less is. I have never heard anything good about consuming milk products from those who are truly ‘in the know’. But, in the end, you must be the judge. Nevertheless, don’t allow yourself to be fooled into believing that just because a food ‘tastes good’, it is ‘good for you’. Not necessarily so.

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Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.


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